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We are proud to announce that we (San Diego Sports Domination) are partnering up with Oakwood Escrow SD and Ignite Now Media to create a new sports segment on The American Dream TV Show. Our viewers already know that we offer amazing sports content to the San Diego Sports Community with podcasts, event coverage, Aztecs, Padres, Chargers, Patriots and more. The goal of this new segment is to give you an in-depth look behind the scenes into the lives of past and current professional athletes, coaches and so much more.

The host of the show is Craig Sewing. Sewing is a San Diego Based television and radio personality, and positioned as a consumer advocate who goes to bat for his audience. He confronts polarizing issues head-on, forever focused on cutting through the media clutter, he states his views bluntly, making friends and enemies along the way. Born and raised in the Mid-West, with a background in Real Estate, Finance, and a successful entrepreneur, he not only offers a great opinion of current events, politics, and the financial markets, he is rare in that he extends a helping hand to all of his listeners to empower them to WIN in any marketplace. Make sure to check out and follow the show at You can follow Craig on Twitter @craigsewing, Instagram @craig_sewing and on Facebook

The two co-hosts of the show are San Diego Sports Domination CEO/Founder David Frerker and Jeremy Dozier a Sales Representative at Oakwood Escrow. Frerker and Dozier know ton’s of professional athletes, collegiate athletes, coaches and more. David and Jeremy are the driving force behind getting guests to appear on The American Dream Sports Stories. San Diego Sports Domination would like to thank Oakwood Escrow and Ignite Now Media for providing the opportunity to create a unique sports show for San Diego. Anyone can go on ESPN, Fox Sports, and watch highlights. Not many people are about to see behind the curtains and meet the real athlete. 

The sports segment will then be added into The American Dream. The shows will be released live on channel 4SD in San Diego with in one week of the shows taping. The show tapes at 11:30 AM Wednesday and then airs the following Wednesday 1t 10:30 AM. The interviews are then posted to our shows Facebook Page (American Dream Sports Stories) and Youtube. Below you can watch previous segments!

Segment 1: San Diego Chargers LB Nick Dzubnar

Segment 2: San Diego Sockers

Segment 3: Patriots Hockey

Segment 4: King Holder

Segment 5: San Diego Surf Basketball

Segment 6: Olympic Gold Medalist Jeff Henderson

Segment 7: NFL Hopeful Daniel Brunskill

Segment 8: John Kegley

Segment 9: Aztec Super Fan Tom Ables

Segment 10: Sports Agent Jim Miller Jr.

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