Gymnastics’s Greatest Moments

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Many people from across America sat wondering can the fantastic five Gabrielle Douglas, Alexandra Raisman, Kayla Mc Maroney, Kyla Ross,and Jordyn Wieber win the gold for American Gymnastics for the first time since the Atlanta games in 1996?

The fantastic five would capture gold on an unbelievable floor routine by Alexandra Raisman. Beating the Russian and Chinese team’s who were also favored for gold. One of the faces of the game is heartbreak, which was seen on a regular basis in the gymnastic arena.

World Champion Jordyn Wieber would fail to qualify for the women’s individual all-around event by a few 100th’s of a point. Gabrielle Douglass would win gold in the women’s individual all-around becoming the first African American and first women of color to ever win gold in the event.  Alexandra Raisman came out of thin air and left london as the most decorated American women in gymnastics.

She won bronze on the balance beam with a score tying Romanian, Catalina Ponor, and this time the tiebreaker went in Raisman’s favor. She was the stand out on women’s floor routine winning gold. She leaves London with two golds and one bronze medal.

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One of the faces of heartbreak in the 2012 London Olympics would be that of Russian gymnast Victoria Komova lost gold in the women’s team to the American’s. Komova also fell to silver in the women’s all-around to American Gabrielle Douglass.

Komova, daughter of 1985 world team champion Vera Kolesnikova, told reporters: “I was not very lucky at these Olympics. I failed them 100 percent. “I don’t know if I will continue sports,” added the 17-year-old, who cried after finishing second in the all-around and team events last week.

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