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I sat down with my team in a meeting room on the campus of San Diego State as we hashed out the idea for San Diego Sports Domination. At the time SDSD was created many of us were all in school. I just graduated last spring from the San Diego State Journalism Media Studies Program. We created this blog back in 2012 to share our love of sports with the San Diego Community. We also created SDSD in an attempt to help cover teams that the normal San Diego Media Don’t Care about. Since the website’s creation, we have achieved over 192,000 hits and over 100,000 unique visitors. We have also been read in over 300 countries around the world. We are now the biggest all-inclusive sports blog in San Diego. No one covers more topics than us. Well many the News but no blogs can compete with us.

We have won two blogging awards (eCollege Finders Top Collegiate Blog Award and Our City San Diego’s Top 10 Blog Awards) and have been linked to newspapers all over the United States. We are members of the Cision PR Data Base. Meaning we get press releases from companies all over the US and Globally asking us to post releases or giveaways. We are members of many media lists including, NBC, CBS, Fox Sports San Diego, Chula Vista Olympic Training Center, San Diego Chargers, National Premier Soccer League and many more.


We are open to sponsored posts on our website and social media. We are also open to sponsored posts on our social media. Please contact us for info on pricing,

American Dream

San Diego Sports Domination is Co-Hosting a TV show on Cox 4 in San Diego Called American Dream. We co-host the sports segment titled American Dream Sports Stories. All shows are shared on American Dream platforms that have over 40,000 followers, not including TV audience.


San Diego Sports Domination Website Following

We currently have 5,468 people who are subscribed to the blog. Emails are sent out to those 5,468 people when an article hits our website. The total following count of San Diego Sports Domination when combining all social media accounts and blog following is approximately 35,000 people. San Diego Sports Domination works very hard for hits and has been viewed over 203,521 times. San Diego Sports Domination has also been viewed in over 200 countries around the world.


San Diego Sports Domination Social Media Following:


Twitter: 2,935 followers

Facebook: 1,553 likes

Chargers Facebook: 285

Chargers Twitter: 110

Padres Facebook: 145

Padres Twitter: 47

Aztecs Facebook: 325

Aztecs Twitter: 86

Instagram: 350 followers


Total Social Media: 5,836 Followers


David Frerker Social media Following:

Twitter: 9,970 followers

Instagram: 748 followers

Facebook: 1,991 friends


Total Social Media: 12,709 Followers

*** All of our writers or photographers will share content on all of their own personal social media. We have a staff of 20 plus writers and 7 professional photographers.***


San Diego Sports Domination Total Social Media Reach

Combining SDSD/David Frerker = 18,545 followers

Facebook groups San Diego Sports Domination is an ADMIN of:

  • Official SDSU Basketball (Student Run) Fan Page: 3,247 followers
  • Official SDSU Football (Student Run) Fan Page: 1,135 followers
  • SDSU Sports Fans!! (Run By Students and Alumni): 124 followers
  • Die Hard San Diego Sports fans!: 2,384 followers
  • San Diego Football: 1,016 followers
  • San Diego Basketball: 1,074 followers
  • San Diego Sports: 421 followers
  • San Diego Baseball: 169 followers

An additional 9,570 followers (Product or article has to have something to do with these areas to be able to be posted into these groups. We also have access to seven Chargers groups with a total reach of over 80,000 followers)

San Diego Sports Domination Podcasts

We host three podcast shows on the San Diego Sports Domination Network. All three of the shows are live on our facebook pages. All three of our shows average between 300-600 views per show (counting replays). Many of the shows get about 200-400 views live during the show which is streamed on Facebook and Periscope.


  • Chargers Domination Podcast
  • Friar Domination Podcast
  • Aztec Domination Podcast



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