Welcome to home of San Diego Sports Domination photography. In this world of copyright we like to have a major supply of photos on hand for any of our articles or social media channels. We pride ourselves in taking the highest quality sports photos possible. All of our photos are available to be shared with the teams that we cover on request. We also supply photos to the Pro Sports Alliance of San Diego.

We have worked with a ton of different photographers ranging from to amateur to professional. We have shot a ton of different teams and have photographed for teams as well. If you hover over this page you will see the list of teams. You can then click on the team to see a small gallery of images taken by our photographers. We have also added an events category. Our photographers are not required to use the San Diego Sports Domination mark. So you will see some of the photographers personal watermarks. We allow this to help get the photographers work more well known.

If you would like to join our photography team and build your resume…. or if you would like our team to cover your event….. Please fill out the form below.

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