SDS Football Recruiting Interview: 2014 Chayse Handy

Chayse Handy

Photo Credit: Chayse Handy

I had the privilege of interviewing Chayse Handy a running back  and member of the 2014 football recruiting class. Chayse Handy is from Southwest High School in El Centro, California. He is 5′ 6″ and weights 155 pounds. Handy expresses intrest in Arizona State (ASU), California (Cal), San Diego State (SDSU), Southern Methodist University (SMU) and Texas Tech (TTU). Handy is being recruited as a running back. Handys secondary position is inside linebacker (ILB).I created a list of 12 questions that I believe our audience would find interesting about the life of a young football recruit. These are the questions that I asked Baker, followed with his answers.

Recruiting Interview: RB Chayse Handy 

Question: Which schools have expressed the most interest in you?

Chayse Handy: None yet.

Question: Which universities have offered you? Which universities do you express interest in? Do you have a top 5?

Chayse Handy: No offers. Top 5 would be ASU, SDSU, Miami, Cal, and SMU.

Question: Do you have a dream university?

Chayse Handy: I don’t really have a dream university, I just want to go to a university and play football.

Question: What do you look for in a University?

Chayse Handy: In a university I look for positive environment, nice school, and good scholastics.

Question: Does the fan base of the university make an impact on your recruitment?

Chayse Handy: No sir it does not.

Question: Based on national media and fan bases, does it matter what conference you play in?

Chayse Handy: No sir, whatever conference I play in will be okay.

Question: What is your 40 time?

Chayse Handy: My 40 times is a 4.72.

Question: What is your max bench and max squat?

Chayse Handy: My max bench is 235 and my max squat is 315.

Question: What are your strengths?

Chayse Handy: My strengths are power, vision, and elusiveness.

Question: What are your weaknesses?

Chayse Handy: My weakness is my speed, I’m working on my speed by running hills, running with a power sled, and doing more squats by repetition.

Question: As a running back you get some of the glory when you complete a big play. What is your favorite part of the job as a running back?

Chayse Handy: My favorite part of being a running back is running people over, breaking for a long run, and the adrenaline rush I get right before I get the ball.

Question: Name a college or NFL athlete that people compare you to. What college or NFL athlete do you idolize and how do their skill sets match yours?

Chayse Handy: My coach says I’m like Darren Sproles because I’m 5’6 5’7 and I’m quick and strong. I idolize Ray Rice because he has amazing speed, he’s strong as well, and him being short doesn’t even phase him. That’s how it matches my skill set.

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