SDS Recruiting Football Interview: 2013 WR Quentin Mayberry

Quentin Mayberry

I had the privilege of interviewing Quentin Mayberry a wide receiver and member of the 2013 football recruiting class. Quentin Mayberry is from Rancho Cucamonga High School in Rancho Cucamonga, California. He is 6′ 2″ and weights 18o pounds. Mayberry is being recruited as a wide receiver. I created a list of 11 questions that I believe our audience would find interesting about the life of a young football recruit. These are the questions that I asked Mayberry, followed with his answers.

Recruiting Interview: WR Quentin Mayberry Class of 2013

Quentin Mayberry

Question: What universities are in your top 5? What universities have you received offers from up to date? Have their been any universities you have been in contact with the most? Do you have any offers?

Quentin Mayberry: I currently do not have any offers but have had contact with Azusa Pacific and Oregon State.

Question: Do you have a dream university? If they were to offer you a position, would to commit on the spot?

Quentin Mayberry: My dream university would have to be UCLA. Its been a family favorite growing up and I would commit immediately.

Question: What do you look for in a University?

Quentin Mayberry: I look for not only a good football program but a good academic background as well.

Question: Does the fan base of the university make an impact on your recruitment?

Quentin Mayberry: Definitely. Fans are part of the drive I get in games.

Question: Based on national media and fan bases, does it matter what conference you play in?

Quentin Mayberry: I would wanna play in the pac12 because the conference has some of the best college football teams around.

Question: What is your 40 time?

Quentin Mayberry: 4.69

Question: What is your max bench and max squat?

Quentin Mayberry: Bench is 235 and squat is 315

Question: What are your strengths?

Quentin Mayberry: My height, speed, strength and ability to find the ball.

Quentin Mayberry

Question: What are your weaknesses?

Quentin Mayberry: consistency.

Question: As a wide receivers, you receive some credit for the successful plays and you are criticized when you make a noticeable mistake. What is your favorite job as a wide receiver?

Quentin Mayberry: My favorite job aside from catching would have to be blocking upfront and downfield because it turns a small play into something big.

Question: Name a college or NFL athlete that people compare you to. What college or NFL athlete do you idolize and how do their skill sets match yours?

Quentin Mayberry: I’ve been compared to Calvin Johnson a few times. But I idolize Larry Fitzgerald because of his speed and skill and I see the same attributes in myself.

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