SDS Recruiting Basketball: Interview 2013 PG Kendal Smith

Photo Credit: Kendall Smith Twitter account.

I had the opportunity to conduct an interview with a point guard from the class of 2013, Kendall Smith. (Smith: Deer Vally  High School – 2013) Smith is a 6″ 3, 155 pound point guard out of Antioch, California. He is one of the best up and coming point guards in the class of 2013. I created a list of 11 questions that I believe our audience would find interesting about the life of a young basketball recruit. These are the questions that I asked Smith, followed with his answers.

Interview with Point Guard Class of 2013 Kendall Smith

Question: Which schools have expressed the most interest in you?

Kendall Smith: Uconn , USC, UNLV, ASU, Long Beach St., Colorado , LSU , Washington, and Washington St.

Question: Which universities have offered you? Which universities do you express interest in? Do you have a top 5?

Kendall Smith: Offers by UOP, Long Beach St., San Jose St.. Top 5- Uconn, ASU, LSU, CAL, USC. Still open to all schools who offer.

Question: What do you look for in a University?

Kendall Smith: Good program, good coach, nice campus and an program that competes at a high level also good education.

Question: Does the fan base of the university make an impact on your recruitment?

Kendall Smith: not really but it’s always nice to have a great fan base.

Question: Based on national media and fan bases, does it matter what conference you play in?

Kendall Smith: No I just wanna compete at a high level tv time and fans are all extra

Question: What do you consider to be your best attribute?

Kendall Smith: I’m an athletic pg that loves to get my teammates involved and can pass and I’m good at running the team and keeping my teammates happy

Question: What would you say your work ethic is like?

Kendall Smith: I don’t like to brag but I have great work ethic I’m in the gym every morning at 6am tryin to get better while the players ranked higher are sleeping. Except Sunday because that’s the Lords day! I keep God first in my life !

Question: What would you consider to be your strength?

Kendall Smith: I work hard and I compete and never give up no matter what the situation is

Question: What would you consider to be your weakness?

Kendall Smith: I need to Improve on my defense to get ready for the next level. And my 3 point shot to be more consistent

Question: During the off-season, what areas of your game do you work on most?

Kendall Smith: I work on all parts of my game I don’t think I’m good enough to not work on curtain parts

Question: Name a college or NBA athlete that people compare you to. What college or NBA athlete do you idolize and how do their skill sets match yours?

Kendall Smith: People Say I play like Westbrook because I’m athletic and can knock down the mid range shot and rondo because I can pass the ball good and get it to the open man with ease. I also like those two players.

Kendall Smiths Highlight Video

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