SDS Recruiting Football: Interview 2013 ATH Trey Lomax

Photo Credit:Trey Lomax

I had the privilege of interviewing Trey Lomax a free safety/quarterback and member of the 2013 football recruiting class. Trey Lomax is from Mira Mesa High School in San Diego, California. He is 6′ 0″ and weights 185 pounds. Trey is being recruited as a free safety. I created a list of 11 questions that I believe our audience would find interesting about the life of a young football recruit. These are the questions that I asked Trey, followed with his answers.

Recruiting Interview: ATH Trey Lomax Class of 2013

Question: What universities are in your top 5? What universities have you received offers from? Have their been any universities you have been in contact with the most?

Trey: I don’t have a top 5 but the schools, but I am very interested in San Diego State, Cincinnati, Stanford, ASU, Northwestern, UCLA and Duke. I received my first offer from San Diego State, and that is my only offer up to this point. I have been in contact the most with Cincinnati, as well as SDSU, UCLA, and Washington.

Question: Do you have a dream university? Should the university offer you a scholarship, would you commit on the spot?

Trey: I wouldn’t say so. I’m looking to take my recruiting process slow and look at all my opportunities before I rush into a commit. Although if I felt a school was a good fit and had a chance to visit the campus and meet with the coaches, I would consider an early commitment. I am going to start that process with San Diego State soon.

Question: What do you look for in a University?

Trey: Education is huge for me. I want to make sure the University offers the kinds of majors I am interested in. Athletics also play a role. I want to be part of competitive team and hopefully one that gives me an opportunity to play early. The overall feel for the school plays a role. As well I want to be at a school where I will feel comfortable on campus.

Question: Does the fan base of the university have an impact on your recruitment?

Trey: I would love to play for a big time school with a huge fan base, but it isn’t something I think is necessary. It would be a huge plus though.

Question: Based on national media and fan bases does it matter what conference you play in?

Trey: I would love to play in one of the BCS conferences I love the Pac-12. But like the fan base, it would only be a plus not a major part of my decision.

Question: What is your 40 time?

Trey: The fastest 40 I have clocked was a 4.67, I’m hoping to get below a 4.65 by the time I graduate. With baseball, I have hardly had time to run or lift as much as I would like.

Question: What is your max bench and max squat?

Trey: My bench max is 235 and squat max is 335.

Question: What are your strength in the defensive secondary?

Trey: I would say my instincts and awareness. Although I might not be the biggest and fastest db, I know where to be at the right time, and that is what has lead to much of my success. Plus, I am a hitter! I love contact and can play in the box. I also think having big strong hands help, I feel as I can catch everything I get close to and bring down anyone I get my hands on.

Question: What are your weaknesses in the defensive secondary?

Trey: Straight line speed is the only thing I think hinders me.

Question: What is your favorite job as a member of the defensive secondary?

Trey: Having the ability to change the momentum of a game at any moment, whether it be an interception or a big hit. Also, being able to take charge of defense and be a leader. I can cover man to man, but I prefer to roam the middle and come down hitting people.

Question: Name a college or NFL athlete that people compare you to. What college or NFL athlete do you idolize and how do their skill sets match yours?

Trey: Ed Reed is my favorite safety in the league. I like to try to challenge myself to get to his level in the secondary. As far as comparing myself to one, I would say my game is similar to Eric Weddle of the San Diego Chargers. Even though he isnt the biggest or fastest, he still manages to make big plays for his teams. Another guy like that is TJ Ward from Oregon. He plays for the Browns now.
Trey Lomax Highlight Video

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