SDS Recruiting Football: Interview 2014 TE Chris Laye

Photo Credit: Lambert TE Chris Laye (47) takes a crushing hit from South Forsyth DB Nick Cochran (5) but gains the first down. ALEXANDER ACOSTA / AJC SPECIAL

I had the privilege of interviewing Chris Laye a tight end and member of the 2014 football recruiting class. Chris Laye is from Lambert High School in Suwanee. He is 6′ 6″ and weights 225 pounds. Laye is being recruited as a tight end. I created a list of 11 questions that I believe our audience would find interesting about the life of a young football recruit. These are the questions that I asked Laye, followed with his answers.

Recruiting Interview: TE Chris Laye Class of 2014

Question: Which schools have expressed the most interest in you?

Chris Laye: Oklahoma, Miami, Georgia, Wake Forest, Vanderbilt, University of Virginia, University of North Carolina, Boston College, Stanford, Wisconsin, and Cincinnati

Question: Do you have a dream university?

Chris Laye: No, I am open to anything.

Question: What do you look for in a University?

Chris Laye: The coaching staff is what I look at first. If you like your coaches, then I look at the campus and its surroundings. It’s not about a team’s record but about how you fit in the program.

Question: Does the fan base of the university make an impact on your recruitment?

Chris Laye: Yes, a large fan base is great because you know you have people supporting the program and you.

Question: Based on national media and fan bases, does it matter what conference you play in?

Chris Laye: It’s not about the conference but rather how much I like the school.

Question: What is your 40 time?

Chris Laye: 5.24

Question: What is your max bench and max squat?

Chris Laye: Bench: 275 squats: 320

Question: What are your strengths on the Offensive Line?

Chris Laye:I have the ability to be moved around and play in the back field as well as block on the line. I catch the ball very well and can use my size to shed blocks or press coverage.

Question: What are your weaknesses on the Offensive Line?

Chris Laye: I am not as fast or quick as I would like to be.

Question: As an tight-end, you are the only member of the offensive line who receives credit for the successful plays and you are more heavily criticized when you make a noticeable mistake. What is your favorite job as a member of the offensive line, more specifically as a tight end? Are you more of a receiver or blocking type?

Chris Laye:The great aspects of tight end are that you get the ability to block and catch the ball. The pressure that comes with tight end is not only how you play but knowing all the plays. You have to know pass routes as well as blocking schemes. My favorite job is getting to run routes as well as seal the edge on run plays. I play both parts of tight end equally.

Question: Name a college or NFL athlete that people compare you to. What college or NFL athlete do you idolize and how do their skill sets match yours?

Chris Laye: I idolize Tony Gonzales most because he plays every aspect of tight end so well. He knows how to use his body in blocking and in running routes. As I grow into my body, I learn more and more how to use it against other players. When being a big tight end it can either help you or be used against you. I train hard and often so I can use my size as a weapon and not something that will hold me back to being a offensive tackle.

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