London 2012: San Diego Athletes Add To USA’s Olympic Medal Count

Mandatory Photo Credit: Team USA .org

Athletes From San Diego’s (Chula Vista) USA Olympic Training Center raced for chances at medals Saturday. Swimming is one of the more popular events at the Olympics and has come to and end. Now track and field receives its spot light. One out of every nine USA track and field athletes train or live at the Olympic Training Center at Chula Vista. Today was the most successful day of the London 2012 Summer Olympics for San Diego Athletes. Our San Diego Athletes added three more medals to team USA’s medal count. This is a spoiler alert so if you would not like to see the results please go back to the home page and pick another article.

Mandatory Photo Credit: Team USA .org


Men’s Four Crew

USA Men’s Four Crew team was led by Scott Gault, Charlie Cole, Henrik Rummel and Glenn Ochal. All members of the USA Men’s Four Crew team train at the USA Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista.

Rank Lane Nation Time
1 6
Great Britain Great Britain
2 4
Australia Australia
3 5
United States United States
4 3
Greece Greece
5 2
Netherlands Netherlands
6 1
Germany Germany

Women’s Single Sculls

Gevvie Stone unfortunately did not make the final cut for the Women’s Single Sculls. Stone was able to finish first in her B heat with a faster time then the boat who won gold. STONE’s time was (7:45.24) and the gold medalist M Knapkova (Czech Republic) was (7:54.37).

Women’s Lightweight Double Sculls

Kristin Hedstrom and Julie Nichols placed sixth in the women’s lightweight double sculls finals.

Track & Field (Poll Vault)

Becky Holliday qualified for the finals in Track and Field with her finish in the preliminary event.

Rank Bib Number Athlete Mark Qualified
1 2863 Russian Federation ISINBAEVA Elena 4.55 q
2 2698 Poland ROGOWSKA Anna 4.55 q
3 1967 Germany SPIEGELBURG Silke 4.55 q
4 3296 United States of America HOLLIDAY Becky 4.55 q
5 1539 Czech Republic PTACNIKOVA Jirina 4.55 q

Track & Field (Long Jump)

Will Claye came in third in Saturdays long jump final and earned San Diego another Olympic medal.

Rank Bib Number Athlete Mark Qualified
1 1832 Great Britain RUTHERFORD Greg 8.31 -0.4
2 1066 Australia WATT Mitchell 8.16 -0.2
3 3211 United States of America CLAYE Will 8.12 -0.2
4 3002 Sweden TORNEUS Michel 8.11 -0.7
5 1892 Germany BAYER Sebastian 8.10 +0.4
6 1839 Great Britain TOMLINSON Christopher 8.07 +0.2
7 1219 Brazil DA SILVA Mauro Vinicius 8.01 -0.1
8 2785 South Africa MOKOENA Godfrey Khotso 7.93 -2.3
9 1043 Australia FRAYNE Henry 7.85 -0.3
10 3218 United States of America GOODWIN Marquise 7.80 +0.2
11 2818 Russian Federation MENKOV Aleksandr 7.78 -0.9
12 1151 Bermuda SMITH Tyrone 7.70 +0.9

Cycling (Women’s Team Pursuit)

Cyclist Sarah Hammer helped propel the US Women’s Cycling team to a silver medal in the women’s cycling team pursuit finals.

Rank Nation
Great Britain Great Britain
United States United States
Canada Canada
Australia Australia
New Zealand New Zealand
Netherlands Netherlands
Belarus Belarus
Germany Germany
Ukraine Ukraine
China China

Sailing (Women’s Match Racing)

The US Women’s Match Racing team defeated Sweden and Great Britain. Next up for the American team, Finland. The team members are Molly O’Bryan Vandemoer, Anna Tunnicliffe and Debbie Capozzi.

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