San Diego Sports: This is OUR year! Part 1 (USD).

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San Diego, California. America’s Finest City, one of the very few places you can go skiing in the snow in the mountains in the morning, and be surfing by the afternoon near at the beach. Could turn into a title town in the coming years, and for some San Diego teams, they can compete for years to come. Why? Let’s find out.

University San Diego Toreros, Basketball.

USD could be a surprise next season, being that they were a young team last year that kept close between BYU, Gonzaga, Saint Mary’s and San Diego State.

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The team has one of my favorite guard combos in Johnny Dee and Christopher Anderson and after a full season under their belt, the two could really do some damage.

They are both quick, especially Anderson, and Dee is a great scorer. The only knock of them is their height. Anderson stands at 5’7, Dee at 6 feet. And with big man Chris Manresa who has improved every years he’s been at the University.

Along with some decent talent coming into the program this off-season. Paired with Coach Grier could be a very quick, scoring team that–if not defended carefully–could pull away and hopefully keep the lead.

Best case: I see this team sneaking into the NCAA’s if EVERYTHING is perfect. Nothing past the Rounds of 64, but don’t be surprised if they pull of the upset like they did to UCONN a few years back.

Worst case: To me, this team is a hit or miss. The biggest thing that helps them could hurt them. Their youth and size. The youth could hurt in pressure situations. Their size could hurt as well because even though they are a fast team. Their size could really hurt for rebounds.

Short term (1 year or less)- NCAA talent if used correctly.
Mid term (1< to 2 years)- Possible sweet 16 team at the very best.
Long term (2-5 years)- With Dee and Anderson gone, the team could suffer a major hit. Sub .500 at best, but if the next 2 or so years a decent enough years, it could draw some decent recruits to consider USD.

****Join me tomorrow as I reveal information on the San Diego State Aztecs!****

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