London 2012: Most Memorable 2012 London Olympic Come Back Stories

Photo Credit: Geo Travellers,com

More memorable moments from the 2012 London Olympic games will be added during this next week. We have focused more on giving our readers the most memorable sporting moments from the London 2012 Summer Olympics. Right now you can take a sneak peak of these articles by clicking on each page. Or you can wait for 10pm tonight and a link will be posted here.

Photo Credit: Geo Travellers,com


Great Britain
Lisa Dobriskey was diagnosed with life-threatening blood clots in her lungs. Dobriskey also had battle with a stress fracture in her femur. Dobriskey’s Olympics ended as she finished in 10th place in the 1500m.

South African Athletes
Oscar Pistorius has become one of the bigger stories in London. Pistorius made his mark on history this year, becoming the first double amputee to compete in track and field at the Olympics.

United States Athletes

Bryshon Nellum was part of the 4x400m relay team. Back in 2008 Mellum was shot in both legs and had 3 surgeries before getting back to the track. Nellum won a silver medal on the USA 4×400 relay team. Unfortunately, they are not coming back from London with the gold.

Manteo Mitchell has become famous throughout the world because of his feat. Mitchell broke his leg which running the men’s 4x400m and finished the race with a time of 45.6. August 10th his team won the silver medal officially making him a silver medalist!

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