SDSU: 2011 Aztecs Fighting For Spots In The NFL (Article #1)

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The preseason is the time where men fight to make NFL Squads. This article is going to be show casing the San Diego State Aztecs whom made their way to the NFL in the class of 2012. We are going to give everyone updates on all of the Aztecs from this years NFL draft class. We are going to break it down into two athletes per article. This article is about Miles Burris and Brian Stahovich.

Photo taken from Brian Stahovich’s twitter account. Photo Credit: Matt Bowen

Bryan Stahovich is one of the best punters to walk the halls of Montezuma Mesa and is getting his chance to play in the NFL on the Indianapolis Colts. To refresh everyone’s memory Stahovich unfortunately missed out on being drafted in the NFL draft and was signed a few days later by the Indianapolis Colts.

Stahovich is one of the many San Diego State Aztec Alumni fighting for his chance to play in the NFL in two weeks time. This means that he must impress the Colts front office and coaching staff. He has to out kick the Colts current starting punter Pat McAfee. He only has a few days left to leave a lasting impression on the Colts staff members. As of now I believe Stahovich has only had one opportunity to punt in an NFL game. The picture on the right is of that first NFL punt.

Special teams — In (2): Adam Vinatieri, Pat McAfee. Out: Brian Stahovich. Analysis: This will likely remain unchanged. CBSSports.Com

Now when Stahovich is released we know he will be back in the NFL punting for another squad soon. Its a shame that he will not be given a decent chance to beat out Pat McAfee for his starting job.

Oakland Raiders LB Miles Burris

Miles Burris one of the best linebackers to walk the halls of Montezuma Mesa is getting his chance to play in the NFL with the Oakland Raiders. To refresh everyone’s memory Burris was selected in the 4th round (129th overall pick) of the 2012 NFL Draft. Miles has been doing a great job in Oakland and has impressed management.  He has moved up the depth chart through his hard work and dedication. He has been running with the Raiders first team defense during the preseason. He possible could start the first game of the Raiders season vs. the San Diego Chargers.

Burris, a fourth-round pick from San Diego State, started for Curry against Dallas and Arizona and held up well for a rookie. He’s a lock, as are starters McClain and Wheeler. CBS

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