SDSU Football: Aztecs Fall To Huskies In Seattle 21-12.

Photo Credit: CEO David Frerker

I wanted to apologize for the lack of posts recently. All editors and writers are getting back into the swing of things with school back in session. This is a late recap on the Aztec loss in Seattle. I was unable to watch the game thanks to yet again, Time Warner. For those who know about the new TV deal, Cox signed a deal with the Pac 12 network. Time Warner, signed a deal with either the Big 10 or Big 12 network I forget.

Photo Credit: CEO David Frerker

I followed the game via AM 600 KOGO. The Aztecs started off the night playing relative sloppy and lead to a 14 to 0 Washington lead. The Aztecs offensive ran into major turnover issues with Katz rushing a couple passes leading to his first interception of the season. The Aztec defense has not playing their best either and were lucky to only have given up 14 points to a good Washington team.

The Aztecs came out looking like the Aztecs of old. Defense and Offensive came out firing on all cylinders. The Aztecs transfer quarterback Ryan Katz threw his first touchdown as an Aztec for 47 yards to Tim Vizzi. The play cough Washington extremely off guard as it looked Vizzi came running off the sidelines. Rocky Long made some questionable calls in the game in regards to extra point conversions. Rocky Long was asked this question:

Was it your strict philosophy to go for two points?
No we went for two reasons. One, you should be able to get 50% of them, which gives you the exact same number of points. So if you make 50% of your two-point conversions you score exactly the same number of points. At the same time your improving your ability to make points on fourth downs. It’s extra practice time for when you want to go on fourth downs.

Lets take a look at the words Rocky gave the media. Rocky claims that the percentage was their for the Aztecs to go for it on all of the two point conversions because it’s a 50 – 50 game. If we made one of the conversions we would end up with 14 points (8+6). The issues come with the fact the Aztecs could not convert losing 2 points that was huge near the end of this close game.

The Aztecs lost a critical fumble as Colin Lockett tried to get extra yardage was hit and lost the ball. That fumble was returned 44 yards for the touchdown putting Washington up 21-12. The Aztecs had a chance to kick a field go to make the score 21-15 but felt the kickers could not perform. They went for it on fourth down and could not convert. The last Aztecs drive of the game could have tied the game should the Aztecs have kicked the field goal and the two extra points. The Aztecs yet again went for it on 4th down and Gavin Escobar was tripped in the end zone. Pass interference was not called and many Aztec fans believe that was a missed call.  The Aztecs need to re group and get ready for Army at the Q this coming Saturday.

San Diego State Aztec Football Offensive Stats.

Ryan Katz – (10-for-19) 128 yds., TD, INT
Walter Kazee – 9 attempts, 86 yards
Adam Muema – 11 attempts., 32 yards., TD
Tim Vizzi – 1 reception., 47 yds., TD
Colin Lockett – 4 receptions, 48 yards

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