SDS Basketball Recruiting: Interview with 2013 SG DeJuan Owens

Photo of 2015 Guard DeJuan Owens out of Bonita Vista High.

I had the opportunity to conduct an interview with a shooting guard from the class of 2013, DeJuan Owens. (Owens: Bonita Vista High School – San Diego Cougars AAU) Owens is a 6’2″ and 175 pound shooting guard out of Chula Vista, California

Interview with SG Class of 2013 DeJuan Owens

Photo of 2015 Guard DeJuan Owens out of Bonita Vista High.

Question: Which schools have expressed the most interest in you?

DeJuan Owens:As far as I know the only school that has expressed any interest in my talents were the university of Ohio.

Question: Which Schools in your top 5 list? Have you been in any contact with Coaches or have any coaches contacted you?

DeJuan Owens:University of Ohio, University of North Florida, UC Davis, UC Riverside, SDSU. Not really I have emailed these coaches but neither has returned an email and I was told that university of Ohio has emailed my coach.

Question: Do you have an visits planned for what’s left of this off-season?

DeJuan Owens: No not at the moment, but I have been looking to schedule college visits.

Question: Do you know of any coaches to plan to come watch you play this

DeJuan Owens: Point Loma Nazarene, is the only one as far as im aware of.

Question: What do you look for in a College Basketball program?

DeJuan Owens: In a basketball program I look for a program that is dedicated to making its players better. I look for a program that wants to win. I look fora program that gives me the best opportunity to win basketball games, and further my education.

Question: What do you look for in a coach?

DeJuan Owens: I look for coach that is willing to help me on my game, help me improve on the skills that I have and make them better as a player. I look for coach who isn’t all about himself but the team, a coach that wants to win as bad as I do and will help his players become better players and young men.

Question: What would you say your work ethic is like?

DeJuan Owens: I would say that im one of the hardest working players out there. I am consistently working on my game, I am usually the first on the gym 30 minutes before and practice and the last one out hours after practice is over. I believe that there is ALWAYS something to improve on when it comes to your individual skill level.

Question: What would you consider to be your strength?

DeJuan Owens: before I started working on my game consistently I believe that my strength would have been attacking the basket strong and hard and finishing at the rim, but now that I have spent countless hours working on my jump shot I would have to say that I am a well-balanced player.

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