MLB Playoff Predictions.

Photo Credit: New York Times

It’s time! 6 months ago it all started and for 8 teams, it’s still going. The Fall Classic, Baseball’s biggest stage. The World Series, it all begins here. Here are my predictions:

Yankees vs Orioles:
The team I’m going for, the Orioles. Most of my family is from Baltimore. I’ve been saying they’ll win the World Series, and though I won’t pick them to win. I do believe they will upset the Yankees. But don’t be surprised if they make it to the World Series. The O’s always seem to have someone step up, that’s what happened to the Cards last year.

O’s in 5

Athletics vs Tigers:
The A’s, the most surprising team this season. Out of no where they got a playoff spot, and out of no where they won the division. The Tigers should be too much, but after 162 games, you never know. It’ll be hard to see either team go home. But I think all that money the Tigers spent to get Prince will pay off.

Tigers in 5

Reds vs. Giants:
The Reds silently did work all year long it seemed like. The Giants feel like the same way, and neither team made the playoffs last season. I picked both these teams to win their divisions early on. Both of them are kind of even as well. But the Reds have a underrated lineup I believe. And this is their chance to show the world what they can do.

Reds in 4.

Cardinals vs. Nationals:
Let’s just sya this quick, the Cards shouldn’t be here. At least it should have been closer. That being said, the Cards aren’t as strong as they were last year and it showed. The Nats however don’t have their ace since they shut down Strasburg. I think the Nationals have a better lineup, and a better pitching staff though they don’t have Strasburg.

Nats in 4.

Look for my ALCS and NLCS predictions later on.

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