Sunday Night Football Preview: Chargers v. Saints

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As many of you may know, your San Diego Chargers are 3-1 and on top of the AFC West. I order to stay this way, they have to play against the 0-4 Saints–a team very hungry for a win–on the road in New Orleans this Sunday on this week’s edition of NBC Sunday Night Football. Here are some facts about the game this Sunday night.

– Though the Saints are 0-4, they have yet to be held under 24 points per game.
– Likewise, the Chargers haven’t allowed for more than 27 points per game, excluding the Falcons game, it’s 20.
– In “like opponents” the Saints have lost in OT at home to the Chiefs, the Chargers blew out the Chiefs on the road.
– Sean Payton will be in attendence for this Sunday’s game.

Now a look at the offenses:

Total Offense: 24th, 311.8 ypg.
Pass Offense: 23rd, 211.8 ypg.
Rush Offense: 17th, 100 ypg.
Sacks allowed: T-11th, 9 sacks.
Giveaways: 6.
Average points per game: T-14th, 25.0 ppg.

Total Offense: 8th, 401.5 ypg.
Pass Ofense: 3rd, 320.6 ypg.
Rush Offense: 26th, 80.8 ypg.
Sacks allowed: T-11th, 9 sacks.
Giveaways: 6.
Average points per game: 10th, 27.5 ppg.

Offensive edge: The New Orleans Saints. Though Lance Moore is not playing in this game, the Saints always seem to get tons of production from players out of no where, kinda like how the Patriots run things.

Now a look at the defenses:

Total Defense: 11th, 316.5 ypg.
Pass Defense: 18th, 237.3 ypg.
Rush Defense: 5th, 79.3 ypg.
Sacks: T-22, 7 sacks.
Turnovers: 9.
Average points allowed per game: 6th, 17.8 papg.

Total Defense: 32nd, 463.3 ypg.
Pass Defense: 24th, 276.5 ypg.
Rush Defense: 32nd, 186.8 ypg.
Sacks: T-27, 6 sacks.
Turnovers: 6.
Average points allowed per game: 29th, 32.5 papg.

Defensive edge: The San Diego Chargers. Everything for the Saints on defense is ranked 24th or worse, this doesn’t mean they’re the worst. But you’re not going to win a lot of games with the worst ranked defense in the league. And that 0-4 record shows.

Players to watch:
Offense: Drew Brees. Who else? Brees had taken control of this team and has made it is duty to get them a W for the first time this season. He’s coming home and facing his former team for the first time on American turf (These teams faced off in London a few years back.)

Defense: The entire D-Line of the Saints. The Saints D-Line has only had 6 sacks to show for this season, and one of the worst run defenses and they are 36% of the worst defense in football. These guys are no push overs and they need to show it this weekend.

Offense: Jackie Battle/Ryan Mathews. As some of you may have heard, Jackie Battle has taken over the starting spot at running back this season. It will be interesting to see how Norv handles his carries and runs against a weak defense. Each player knows they have a chance, and it’s against a weak defense.

Defense: Melvin Ingram. Melvin Ingram, the Charger’s 1st round pick has been getting more tackles the last few games. But he’s only forced 1 fumble, and with all that hype surrounding him about being the Defensive Rookie of the Year. He won’t do it with the stats he has now. On National TV, it’s his time to show what he has.

Final Verdict: This game should be a shoot out, and this is one of those games where it’s regardless of offensive or defensive ranks, the Saints are going to play their hearts out to get their city their first win this season. And I also think it’ll come down to the last possession to win this game. I got Saints over Chargers 31-28 on a late field goal by Garrett Hartley.

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