Postgame Writeup: Did The Refs Blow The Charger v. Saints Game?

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The San Diego Super Chargers started out on fire against the New Orleans Saints tonight at the Superdome in New Orleans. The Chargers offensive attack was led by Phillip Rivers and the ground attack led by Ryan Mathews. Mathews was averaging over five yards per carry during the first half of the game and was averaging over five yards per carry in the second half of the game. The San Diego Chargers offensive line men did a great job of run blocking for Ryan Mathews tonight as they helped Mathews run for 80 yards. The same offensive line unit did a mediocre job of protecting Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers as Rivers was sacked five timesThe San Diego Charger wide receivers played very well tonight especially New Orleans Saints transplant Robert Meachem who started off the 2012 NFL season slow. Meachem had more yards receiving in the game tonight then he had acquired the whole season.

The Chargers defense decided to take a dirt nap during halftime and let the New Orleans Saints back into the game. The major player on the Saint offensive is Marques Colston who found himself on the receiving side of two Drew Brees touchdown passes to give the Saints the lead over the Chargers 28 to 24.The Chargers got right back into the game with Phillip Rivers completing passes to his receivers and Mathews with the important carries. One of the major calls of the hame was a missed Defensive Pass Interference call that game the Saints the interception. The Saints defensive back had his arms in front of Meachem’s face and was able to deflect the ball. Another Saints player was in the area and sent a Chargers WR flying. The Chargers defensive was able to regain control and hold the Saints to a field goal.

The refs cost the San Diego Chargers the game. They called another pass interference on Antonio Gates for pushing off of the defender. The next place San Diego Chargers center Nick Hardwick is called for a hold making it 2nd down and 37. The following play a defensive linemen gets called for hands to the face giving the chargers a first down. The Chargers would get another first down and Antonio Gates was wide open after another missed pass interference penalty and was unable to make the catch. The game would end with Philip Rivers being sacked and Rivers fumbles the ball. The quote below from future hall of fame tight end Tony Gonzalez perfectly sums up the Chargers loss.

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San Diego Chargers Possession Chart

Possession #1: Punt
Possession #2: Touchdown pass 15 yards to Robert Meachem
Possession #3: Punt
Possession #4: Field Goal (20 yards)
Possession #5: Missed Field Goal (55 yards)
Possession #6: Touchdown pass 45 yards to Robert Meachem
Possession #7: Touchdown run 13 yards by Ryan Mathews
Possession #8: Punt
Possession #9: Punt
Possession #10: Interception
Possession #11: Fumble

New Orleans Saints Possession Chart

Possession #1: Punt
Possession #2: Touchdown pass 40 yards to Devery Henderson
Possession #3: Punt
Possession #4: Touchdown pass 19 yards to Marques Colston
Possession #5: Punt
Possession #6: Turn Over On Downs
Possession #7: Interception
Possession #8: Punt
Possession #9: Touchdown pass 16 yards to Marques Colston
Possession #10: Touchdown pass 5 yards to Marques Colston
Possession #11: Field Goal (26 Yards)
Possession #12: Kneel Down

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