SDSU Basketball: Battle On The Midway Public Tickets On Sale.

Photo Credit. Achieve

Photo Credit. Achieve

We are proud to announce that the San Diego Sports Commission has opened up ticket sales to the public for the historic Battle on The Midway between San Diego State and Syracuse on November 9th. The doors open at the Viejas ticket office at 9 a.m. PT. Tickets for the game will start at $150 and premium seating will cost you $500.  Remember there are a limited number of tickets available for the game. We are willing to bet all public tickets for the game will sell out within hours of the tickets going on sale.

San Diego State will meet Syracuse on November 9th 2012 aboard the inactive aircraft carrier U.S.S. Midway. This game has been in the planning stages for over seven years and will finally become reality. Why did the San Diego Sports Commission fight so hard to get this game to happen? The main answers are San Diego State and the United States Military. This game will be televised live on national television and is the perfect way to spotlight San Diego. America will finally see one of the greatest basketball games in terms of peer talent, played in America’s finest city. The veterans of our Armed Forces will have their day, and gratefully so San Diego will be the town to honor our nations veterans. Should the game encounter weather problems back up plans have been put in place. The first venue is the Valley View Casino Center (also know as the San Diego Ice Arena) which will hold 14,000 people.

The game was placed in jeopardy due to a lack of financial sponsors for the game. The concert that was said to talk place has been canceled along with all sideline events. Locally known the game would never be canceled because of local T.V. politics. San Diego Fox Sports came in and half of the residents have been unable to receive the new channel. San Diego Fox Sports placed their name into the event knowing it could not fail. We are assuming that Fox Sports at the corporate level have gotten involved and have saved the event. The game will be broadcasted locally by Fox Sports San Diego and then shown live nationally on all of the Fox Sports affiliates. The following paragraph is from ESPN stating that the game is still going to be played.

“FOX Sports San Diego is committed to ensuring the game takes place as scheduled,” said Henry S. Ford, Sr. Vice President and General Manager. “We’re happy to work with San Diego State and Syracuse to make Battle on the Midway a first-class event here in San Diego and an outstanding telecast to our national audiences.” Concerns about event cancellations and a lack of sponsorship had a “half-dozen” Union-Tribune sources worried the possibility the game might be cancelled, but Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim told’s Dana O’Neil he didn’t foresee the game being missed, even if it required relocation to an indoor venue. – via ESPN

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