SDSU Basketball: Aztecs Defeat Cal State San Marcos 67-46!

Photo Credit: CEO David Frerker.

The San Diego State Aztecs kicked off (tipped off) the first preseason game of the year on November 1st, 2012 against Cal State San Marcos at a sold out (12,414) Viejas Arena on the campus of San Diego State University. This was the first preseason game in the history of the Aztec basketball program to ever sell out. Being at the game in person we could tell that the crowd did not have 12,414 and it was not even close. We are sad that a good amount of season ticket holders did not attend the game. Please if you have tickets please attend the games and lets not let Viejas Arena look half full during sell outs like last season.  (We are stating people buy season tickets so they can see the big games IE UNLV, UNM,).

The San Diego State student section can always be counted on to attend the games and was 95% full by game time. Before the game we gave our fans inside information on our facebook account that James Rahon had rolled the same ankle he had surgery on was listed as 50-50. Rahon was able to play in the game and we announced that on the facebook page.

Most San Diego State basketball fans that follow the program closely all know that legendary Aztecs head coach Steve Fisher has two separate starting lineups that he was going to choose from for the game.  We were all asking the questions would we see the new Aztec prodigy Winston Shepard in the starting lineup and the answer was no. Shepard and Rahon would be the first Aztec subs of the game at the 14:35 min mark.

Starting Lineup
PG – Xavier Thames
SG – Chase Tapley
SF – Jamaal Franklin
SF – JJ O’Brien
C – DeShawn Stephens

The Aztecs came out of the tunnel extremely flat. This was possibly one of the worst first half of Aztec basketball that I have seen in a long time. The Aztecs are o so exciting with their height and agility. The Aztecs forced passes into the key when they should not have culminating in multiple turnovers. You could see the excitement in each player as they forced plays they normally would not have forced. The Cal State San Marcos zone was very hard for the Aztecs to navigate which helped frustrate the Aztecs.

First Half Statistics
TOTAL FG% 1st Half: 8-25  = 32.0%
3-Pt. FG% 1st Half: 2-10 =  20.0%
F Throw % 1st Half: 8-10 = 80.0%

Photo Credit: CEO David Frerker

The key first half stat was the turnovers. The San Diego State Aztecs turned the ball over 11 times during the first 30 minutes of play.  The turnovers belonged to Winston Shepard three turnovers, James Rahon two turnovers, Dwayne Polee II two turnovers, Chase Tapley/Jamaal Franklin/Xavier Thames/ JJ O’Brien/ all had one turnover.  The score was tied 26-26 at halftime.

The Aztecs came out on fire in the second half of the game and out scored their first half point total with in 15 minutes the Aztecs were over 52 points. The Aztecs started making shots left and right that they had missed early on in the game. The turnovers were still a problem for the Aztecs as they turned the ball over 11 more times for a grand total of 22 turnovers. The walk on’s Jeremy Castleberry, Aaron Douglas and Narbeh Ebrahimian all saw some game time against Cal State San Marcos. The Aztec freshman Matt Shrigley, Winston Shepard and Skylar Spencer all looked good last night and have room for improvement.  Overall the team played sloppy and that is good for coach Steve Fisher as the Aztecs have one more game to iron themselves out against UCSD on monday night at Viejas Arena. The Aztecs were led by Chase Tapley 13 pts 3 rebounds and DeShawn Stephens 10 pts 4 rebounds. The Cal State San Marcos coach Jim Saia had this to say about the Aztecs after the game:

The first half we kind of slowed the tempo down a little bit, but we weren’t really sharp offensively. I thought our kids really competed. I thought we did a really good job in our zone. They had a hard time figuring it out. The second half they figured it out and shot 9-for-10 (to start). This is an exhibition game so I wanted to play a little faster in the second half because that’s the way we’re going to play against the competition that we play against. I wanted to get our offense some movement. (SDSU) switched everything, which was difficult for us. Then when we’d get in a gap, they are so dang long. We’d get layups and they’d block it. That’s why they are a top-20 team. (

Game Highlights & Press Conference. 

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  1. You do a great job! We “tipped off” the season not “kicked off” the season. Although with the number of T O’s maybe you were right. Coach Al

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