SDSU: San Diego State’s Choices MWC/Big East (Conference Realignment).

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San Diego State has been in the national spotlight with conference realignment. San Diego State wants to become a national brand and they believe the best way to accomplish that goal is to move football to the Big East and olympic sports to the Big West conference. The Big East conference was a strong league when San Diego State gave the go ahead to move into the conference.

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Rumors have started about San Diego State, Boise State and BYU returning to the Mountain West Conference. During today’s weekly press conference San Diego State athletic director Jim Sterk, “has essentially ruled out the possibility of staying in the Mountain West Conference, noting he hasn’t talked to MWC Commissioner Craig Thompson since May.” We have heard that the university presidents of San Diego State, Boise State and BYU have talked about the purposed move. In the end the move comes down to the universities athletic directors. The following list would have to happen for the stated deal between San Diego State, Boise State and BYU to return to the Mountain West Conference.

San Diego State’s stance on staying the course to the Big East Conference.

Boise State’s stance on staying the course to the Big East Conference.

#1) San Diego State & Boise State

NEGATIVE: San Diego State and Boise State had to pay a substantial fee to the Mountain West Conference to be allowed to leave for the Big East. There is no approximant amount for the fee each team has to pay. The fee to leave the Mountain West Conference is all athletic revenue from MWC play the season each school leaves. San Diego State is running short on money because of this fee. Both schools signed contracts with the Big East, with a $5 million buyout, but the buyout amount was increased to $10 million in January when Navy announced it was joining the Big East in 2015. On top of all of the money paid the MWC’s television station is no longer existent.

POSITIVE: San Diego State and Boise State will have much better competition in football and will be able to open recruiting lanes to more states. Both schools will have the chance to play on National TV. The projected TV revenue for both universities starts at about $3 million per year. This number does not include the payout for post season bowl games.

#3) BYU

NEGATIVE: BYU would have to cancel its $4 million dollar per year contract with ESPN that runs through the 2018 season with an option for 2019. BYU’s television contract with ESPN is worth around $24 million starting next season through 2018. The Mountain West Conference would have to provide a major draw to get BYU to turn down $24 million in television revenue.

POSITIVE: Since BYU is an independent team they will be unable to advance to a major bowl game under the new NCAA football playoff system. BYU will have to be a top 15 team year in and year out to get that major bowl game invite. If BYU moved to the Mountain West they would be able to get to that major bowl game easier.

Mountain West Conference

  • UNLV
  • New Mexico
  • Nevada
  • Fresno State
  • Wyoming
  • Colorado State
  • Air Force
  • Utah State
  • San Jose State.

Big East Conference

West Division of the Big East Conference

  • Boise State
  • Houston
  • Memphis
  • San Diego State
  • SMU
  • Temple

East Division of the Big East Conference

  • Central Florida (UCF)
  • Cincinnati
  • UConn
  • Louisville
  • South Florida (USF)

Rutgers has officially left the Big East conference to join the Big 10. This is the whole reason that conference realignment has regained speed at the national level. There are now rumors that UConn and Louisville might look to leave the Big East conference because Rutgers left. The loss of Rutgers to the Big East will be seen in the television contract. San Diego States main goal is to accept an invitation to play in either the Big 10 or the Pac 12.

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