NFL’s Power 12.

Here are my power 12, which showcase the top 12 playoff teams as of that week. You the fans get to vote on who you think should be in the top 4 as well as other things. Every week, your votes will be combined with staff votes and we will combine our top 12 teams in the NFL. Here are the top 12 teams.

1. San Francisco 49ers
2. Houston Texans
3. New England Patriots
4. Denver Broncos
5. Chicago Bears
6. Atlanta Falcons
7. New York Giants
8. Baltimore Ravens
9. Indianapolis Colts
10. Green Bay Packers
11. Pittsburgh Steelers
12. Seattle Seahawks

So fans, this will be the only week where it’s formatted like this. Your votes are very important to us, as they will decide who the San Diego community, and others around the World for that matter, who really is the best team in the NFL. There will also be a third component to the format, and that’s the stats. The top 4 stats of every team: Pass offense and defense, and Rush offense and defense. All these are added together to create an average ranking, once this average ranking is created. The stat component will be based like this, each 12 teams will be placed alone. Once the week is over, they will be ranked 1-12 based on each of those 4 stats. Combined with staff votes, and fan votes. All these numbers will be crunched and rounded out to see who are the top 12 teams. I will also provide the first place votes for the top 5 teams. But remember, for all this to work. I need YOU the fans to vote, vote, VOTE!


Okay fans, this is how you will be able to vote.

1. Comment your 1-12 teams in this post below.
2. Write on our wall your 1-12 teams.
And finally,
3. Comment on the article 1-12 teams.

Votes will be counted and by Sunday morning the votes will be counted together. The stat vote will be done by Thursday morning since the Thursday game will effect it, also, if the Monday Night Game contains a playoff team. Voting will open RIGHT after the game is over. Voting starts NOW, until 11:59pm EST Saturday night.

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2 Comments on NFL’s Power 12.

  1. Fans, leave your votes here!!!

  2. 1. San Francisco 49ers
    2. Houston Texans
    3. New England Patriots
    4. Atlanta Falcons
    5. Denver Broncos
    6. Chicago Bears
    7. New York Giants
    8. Indianapolis Colts
    9. Baltimore Ravens
    10. Green Bay Packers
    11. Pittsburgh Steelers
    12. Seattle Seahawks

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