SDSU: Aztecs Will Remain In The Mountain West Conference!

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We have a source that has told us San Diego State will hold a press conference either this week or next to announce that San Diego State will return to the Mountain West Conference. We expect the Aztecs will return before the Mountain West Conference vote on January 31st.  Our source was correct and the Aztecs wake up this morning one step closer to being back in the MWC.

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Below is our prior story on San Diego State and conference realignment.

The exit fee for San Diego State should they wish to stay in the Mountain West conference is $0. According to the official contract signed by both Boise State and San Diego State with the Big East States, ” Should any team back out of the contract they will have to pay a $10 million dollar exit fee unless all of the teams should decide to leave.”

We are expecting a press conference this after noon by San Diego State to address what the move will be for SDSU. If San Diego State is going to stay in the Mountain West Conference we expect a press conference today. January 1st 2013 the San Diego State Aztecs will officially be a member of the Big East Conference and Big West Conference. The new TV deal with the Mountain West Conference is with CBS. We will have more coverage on our facebook page.

Brett McMurphy has given us more gems by adding an updated segment on San Diego State.

A Mountain West conference source with knowledge of the situation said San Diego State wants back in the Mountain West, but the league is holding up the process as it decides whether there is a better fit than the Aztecs and if there is a school that can deliver more value. The source said if SDSU returns to the Mountain West, the Aztecs would have to come back on the conference’s terms. (ESPN)

We have heard reports from San Diego radio hosts that San Diego State wishes to stay in the Mountain West Conference if they can get out of the Big East Conference without having to pay the $5 million dollar fine.

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The Mountain West Conference has invited the Houston Cougars, SMU Mustangs and  UTEP Miners and to join the conference. The Mountain West is looking to add teams that will bring more value to the conference before San Diego State is re-admitted.

The division breakdown is for FOOTBALL ONLY

Mountain West Conference Western Division:

Nevada, UNLV, Fresno State, San Diego State, San Jose State, Hawaii

Mountain West Conference Eastern Division:

Boise State, Wyoming, Colorado State, Air Force, Utah State, New Mexico

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7 Comments on SDSU: Aztecs Will Remain In The Mountain West Conference!

  1. You are freaking high if you think Boise State would agree to be stuck in a division with no California schools or Nevada.

    • RedRidingHood // January 15, 2013 at 12:39 pm // Reply

      You’re high if you think Boise has the final say.

      You do realize that Boise will be playing teams from the western division right?

      Without a locked in rivalry Boise would play 3 Cali schools in a 2 year period. Can Boise not recruit with that kind of a Cali presence? It’s also reasonable to think that Boise could request and be granted 1 or 2 locked in annual cross division rivals. So Boise could keep annual games with Fresno and/or Nevada or whoever Boise wants really.

      Also, who should be moved east to accommodate Boise’s every need? UNLV? SJSU? Hawaii? Yeah, that’s logical. Time for Boise fans to grow up and be team players.

      • Team players? To a conference who snubbed it’s nose at BSU every chance it got, and then made up special rules against us once we were invited. No thanks.

    • Its a 12 team league … so long as two of the California schools are paired, then Boise State would play either one or two California teams each year. If the Nevada schools are paired for cross division games, the three cross division games each yea would be: 1 Nevada School, 1 California schools, and either a second California school or else Hawaii.

  2. If there is ANYONE who believes this twit then I desperately want to get in contact with you regarding some ocean front property that I have for sale that is located in Kansas………….because clearly you aren’t too bright and will believe just about anything – LOL

  3. It’s amazing to see how many FOOLS actually believe the nonsense (and misstatements of facts) presented here.

    I guess it’s true what they say…….some people will believe ANYTHING they read on the internet.

    It would be funny if it weren’t so very, very, very SAD

  4. “We do not know if the news from our source is accurate”…………

    “We have heard reports from San Diego radio hosts that San Diego State wishes to stay in the Mountain West Conference if they can get out of the Big East Conference without having to pay the $5 million dollar fine.”

    YO…..clue for the completely clueless here…..San Diego State doesn’t have to pay any exit fees to the Big East if there were no other teams from the West. That was IN THE CONTRACT (duh). Not that FACTS mean anything to the clueless but San Diego State WILL have to pay 1.5 million in exit fees to the Big WEST if they stay in the MWC.

    Lastly….ANYONE who “believes” this ridiculous SUGGESTED division arrangement to be FACT… an imbecile.

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