SDSU Basketball: No. 22 SDSU Upset 70-67 By AFA

SDSU vs. UNLV Men's Basketball. Photo Credit CEO David Frerker

Mountain West Conference Home Win-Loss Record.

San Diego State lost a hard-fought game to the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs 70 to 67. The Aztecs were with out star point guard Xavier Thames (back injury) and Chase Tapley had to play with an injured wrist. A lot of Aztec fans are sitting on the computer or reading the news paper saying is this real? Did San Diego State really lose to Air Force Again? Sadly enough the answer is yes. We can sit here and argue about why SDSU lost and the stats would suggest a comply different answer.

San Diego State excelled in the rebound game out rebounding Air Force 34 to 20. The Aztecs looked very good on the boards and this was a major factor in the multiple comeback attempts by San Diego State. San Diego State shot very well from the floor this afternoon 43.9% but Air Force shot slightly better at 49%. The Aztecs lost this game when they started shooting the three ball. Overall the Aztecs shot 2-19 (10.5) from beyond the arc. Air Force won the game with their three-point shooting as they shot the lights out 12-30 (40%) from beyond the arc.  The Aztecs really needed to stop shooting the three pointers when they missed the first five and get the easy lay up. The Aztecs had a great game from the free throw line when considering their statistical numbers shooting 15-18 (83.3%)

The key combination to the Aztecs loss to Air Force was the lack of three-point shooting and the huge amount of San Diego State turnovers (13). Coach Steve Fisher has made it clear in many press conferences that SDSU needs to have their turnover margin at 10 or less for the full game in order to win a Mountain West Conference game. The turnover margin for the Air Force Academy was 9 and they won. The Aztecs did have four scores over double digits led by Aztec super star Jamaal Franklin (25 points), James Rahon (14 points), JJ O’Brien (10 points) and DeShawn Stephens (10 points). San Diego State is having some travel woes and will turn it around. Many people have been discussing the loss in our Facebook group Official SDSU Basketball (Student Run) Fan Page. We have seen comments we will get them next time, good effort. Escalating to we need to fire the SDSU coaching staff. Fans will be Fans and the fans in San Diego are very spoiled to have a top-notch basketball program. Having the court rushed after a loss does not happen to many schools around the country. It only happen’s to the very best.

Trust us everyone that you have not heard the last from San Diego State. We may be losing hard-fought games in conference. We may have been somewhat overrated from the very beginning but we are not even half way through conference play. The Aztecs now sit at 4-3 with nine more conference games to play. San Diego State can make a mid conference run which they did last season and won the Mountain West Conference Regular Season Title. As we have been saying all along in Mountain West Conference play, “You are not always going to win on the road but you must win at home.” The photo at the top of the article shows everyone just how hard it is for Mountain West Conference teams to win on the road. If the Aztecs falter down the home stretch everyone must remember the Aztecs can still make a run at the Conference tournament.

Xavier Thames is a very important piece of the San Diego State basketball team. It appears as if Xavier Thames is going to be getting an MRI on his injured back. San Diego State relies on its point guard to run the team. San Diego State has not fared well at all this season when Thames has missed a game (1-2). It is just a matter of time unit San Diego State regains its health. Until Thames is able to return we must keep faith in the Aztecs!

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