NCAA Tournament: Bracket Prediction.

Selection Sunday is near and it’s already March, we all know what that means. The NCAA Tournament is near! And with that comes many triumphs, tears, joy, heartbreak, and for our brackets, madness! I will now give to you my 68 projected field in order of overall seed.

Though it doesn’t show it, these seeds go in order from 1-68. The extra 12th and 16th seeds are for the play-in spots and those teams will be in the 4th and 5th with an * next to their name. The last 4 in the 16th seed represent the other two play-in games, those will showcase an * as well.

1. New Mexico
1. Indiana
1. Louisville
1. Duke
2. Miami (FL)
2. Gonzaga
2. Ohio State
2. Kansas
3. Georgetown
3. Michigan State
3. Florida
3. Kansas State
4. Michigan
4. Arizona
4. Saint Louis
4. Oklahoma State
5. Marquette
5. Wisconsin
5. Butler
5. Syracuse
6. Pittsburgh
6. Norte Dame
6. Memphis
6. VCU
7. Creighton
7. North Carolina
8. Colorado State
8. Missouri
8. Oregon
8. N.C. State
9. San Diego State
9. Illinois
9. Colorado
9. Temple
10. Villanova
10. California
10. Minnesota
10. Oklahoma
11. Cincinnati
11. Wichita State
11. Iowa State
11. Boise State
12. La Salle
12. Belmont
12. Ole Miss*
12. Akron*
12. Bucknell*
12. Mid. Tennessee State*
13. New Mexico State
13. Maryland
13. Valparaiso
13. South Dakota State
14. Harvard
14. Davidson
14. Iona
14. Western Kentucky
15. Pacific
15. Florida Gulf Coast
15. Montana
15. Northwestern State
16. Albany
16. James Madison
16. Southern U*
16. North Carolina A&T*
16. LIU Brooklyn*
16. Liberty*

Last Four In:
Middle Tennessee State
Ole Miss
La Salle
First Four Out:

Southern Miss

New Mexico gets the first overall seed in my book because they’re 2nd in RPI, 2nd hardest schedule in the country and play in the highest ranked conference. If you have any other questions about mt predictions. Please leave comments. I may have left a team out that’s a “lock” at-large bid, I also may have left out an automatic bid, but I do believe they’re all in.

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