Interview: FMX Freestyle Motocross Red Bull Athlete Wes Agee.

Photo Credit: Ikaika Louis FMX Freestyle Motocross Demo at Petco Park for Padres Opening Day.

I was fortunate enough to be granted an interview with FMX Freestyle Motocross Red Bull Athlete, Wes Agee. Agee is known in the world of FMX Freestyle Motocross as the first rider to land a backflip of 190 feet getting his name into the record books! Agee will be competing in the Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour 2013 at Glen Helen Raceway in California on Saturday May 11th 2013.

Interview: FMX Freestyle Motocross Red Bull Athlete Wes Agee.

Photo Credit: Ikaika Louis FMX Freestyle Motocross Demo at Petco Park for Padres Opening Day.

Photo Credit: Ikaika Louis FMX Freestyle Motocross Demo at Petco Park for Padres Opening Day.

DoubleSD: What sparked your interest in FMX Freestyle Motocross?

Wes Agee: I guess growing up in southern California had a big part to do with it. I just grew up going out to the desert with my family every weekend, you know. My dad just kind of got me into riding bikes. I was a big BMX racer and then I moved a little bit more into the desert like another exit up into Temecula. That’s where all the dirt bikers live so I just met up with some friends and got off the BMX bike and got on the dirt bike. I started jumping a little bigger, bigger, and bigger and pushing each other. Before I know it, I was flipping. My first backflip was when I was 17. I’m 24 now so it’s been going uphill. A couple of downhill battles with injuries and stuff, but then you get healthy and get back out there.

DoubleSD: What companies are you sponsored by?

Wes Agee: My main sponsor is Red Bull. I just picked them up and they hooked me up with KTM bikes. KTM gave me three bikes. So those are the big two, Red Bull and KTM. Metal Mulisha, Osirus, Osirus Shoes, Spy Goggles and Eyewear, Fox Riding Gear. The list goes on. Dunlop tires, GPR stabilizers. Thanks to all of those guys and more if I forgot you.

DoubleSD: What are your most memorable career accomplishments and do you have a favorite trick?

Wes Agee: I just like to do whips and straight backflips honestly, like going out into the hills. My biggest accomplishment would probably be the world record backflip of 190 feet. It’s what I’m more known for, I guess. So that’s fun for me just going out into the hills with a dirt lip and a dirt landing. Just looking at something and knowing that you can backflip it and to actually do it is pretty fun. I just love that.

DoubleSD: Why do you think FMX Freestyle Motocross should be an Olympic sport?

Wes Agee: Well the only reason it isn’t, well I don’t know about the only reason, but it’s not and probably won’t be because it has a motor. They don’t allow anything motorized in the Olympics. We’re as close as it gets. It’s in the X Games. I think it’s really young still. I think it needs to grow to that level. It might take a while. It’s a dangerous sport, but the technology in the bikes’ getting better, technology in the medicine, and technology in surgery is getting better. It’s pretty crazy, I think we’ve definitely pushed the limits and reached them for a little while here. We know what’s consistent and what we can and can’t do and what is 50/50. It’s pretty cool. I just hope that it grows to be that size one day.

DoubleSD: Do you have anything else you would like our audience to know?

Wes Agee: I’m stoked to be out here. I grew up in North County, Fallbrook, born and raised for 15 years. Then I moved up to Temecula, still consider myself a San Diego local. I’m just stoked to be out here. I did media on the news the past few of days and all of my family still lives out here so they all saw so it was cool to get feedback like that. Beautiful weather obviously. I’ve been on the east coast all year and it’s just snowy so we have to be inside. It’s nice to be outside on a sunny day in San Diego. I love it.

Wes Agee: Please follow twitter @wes_agee @redbullsd

RBXF JAM SAN DIEGO 2013 from Scott LeDuc on Vimeo.

This following video is a promo for Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour 2013 at Glen Helen Raceway in California on Saturday May 11th 2013.

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