Padres: Was Carlos Quentin provoked by Greinke?

Photo Credit: AP Lenny Ignelzi To see more photos of the brawl please click on the link:
Photo Credit: AP Lenny Ignelzi  To see more photos of the brawl please click on the link:

Photo Credit: AP Lenny Ignelzi
To see more photos of the brawl please click on the link :

By now everyone has heard about the epic brawl that took place between the Padres and the Dodgers on Thursday night at Petco Park. This article is going to show how the fights started and reaction from both fan bases.

Part One: San Diego Padres starting pitcher Jason Marquis threw a fast ball over the head Matt Kemp who is one of the Dodgers superstars. Later on in the game the new $150 million dollar man for the Dodgers Zack Greinke beaned Carlos Quentin on the shoulder. From watching the video replay (the Dodgers feed) of the brawl we can see that Quentin starts to head out to the mound and stops. Then you see Greinke yell something at Quentin, something along the lines of “let’s go.” At this moment Quentin charges the mound and bull rushes Greinke and is tackled to the ground. “When Greinke was hit by Quentin he broke the collarbone in his non pitching arm. This injury will take approximately two months to heal.” This is a quote from Quentin after the game about the fight. “Unfortunate situation,” Quentin said. “Myself and Greinke have a history. Since the start of the 2008 season, Greinke has hit Quentin three times in 31 plate appearances. Greinke against all other hitters: 19 hit by a pitch over 4,200 plus plate appearances. It dates back a few years. It’s documented. It’s unfortunate about the situation. It could have been avoided.” Quentin had now been pegged by Greinke three times and had been pegged a total of 116 times in his career.

Part Two: Then both dugouts and bullpens come running out onto the field. Once the Padres and Dodgers had been restrained, Jerry Hairston Jr. runs out of the Dodger dugout’s running at the Padres bench. Jerry Hairston Jr. claimed that a member of the Padres was mocking the injured Greinke thus causing the two teams benches and bullpens to rush back out onto the field. For some reason Dodgers superstar Matt Kemp got even more fired up as he ran back out onto the field during the second field storming of that inning. Kemp was yelling at Padres manager Buddy Black telling him  to ” Not Touch Me.” If you watched the brawl from the Dodgers link it was very visible that Matt Kemp was yelling profanity at the Padres. If you watch what Kemp is saying he repeats “That is fucking bull shit” multiple times. The Dodgers announcer kept repeating that’s fertilizer since he is not allowed to repeat profanity over the air.  Carlos Quentin, Matt Kemp, Zack Greinke and Jerry Hairston Jr. were all ejected from the game.

Part Three: Matt Kemp proceeded to try to go after Carlos Quentin after the end of the game by instigating a fight in the players parking lot. This is a photo of round three on the Padres and Dodgers national brawl day.

Photo Credit: AP Lenny Ignelzi To see more photos of the brawl please click on the link :

Photo Credit: AP Lenny Ignelzi
To see more photos of the brawl please click on the link :

Part Four: Fan reaction on social media. We have seen responses from both Padres and Dodgers fans that will not be posted on the site due to profanity. The major issue between both fan bases are with Quentin charging the mound. Was Quentin provoked to rush the mound by Greinke. The Padres fans all agree that Carlos Quentin was provoked by what Greinke said before he rushed the mound. The Dodger fans on the other side are blaming Quentin for the whole brawl and fight. They are calling all Padre fan’s class less. This was the main response from the Dodgers twitter account.

What is your reaction to the brawl? Please, guys, send us your thoughts in the comments section!

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Angrey Dodgers fan’s went on to Carlos Quentin’s Wikipedia page and changed his bio.


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