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For almost two years my Hometown has fought the good fight. And I can’t blame them. Because wouldn’t you if someone tried taking the thing you loved the most? Today is May 15th, 2013, which means that there will be no more of the NBA giving either party the run-around, no more postponements, and no more of David Stern’s goofy face saying that it’s not a bidding war. Today is Judgement Day. In a couple hours it will be decided. Do the Sacramento Kings stay in Sacramento? Or do they move to Seattle where they likely will be reborn into the Seattle Supersonics?

There are those who will argue that Seattle was robbed of their beloved Sonics back in 2007 by Clay Bennett’s selfish and greedy motives to move the team to Oklahoma City, just like there are those who argue that this would be doing the same thing to Sacramento. Let it be clear, taking one diehard fan base’s team to replace the void in another diehard fan base’s team does not make any sense what so ever.

IF Seattle gets the Sonics Kings:

Then you can stop calling them the Kings because they are most likely now once again the Seattle SuperSonics. Seattle has endured five years of NBA hell. In that five year span they have witnessed the following:

  • The Seattle SuperSonics Oklahoma City Thunder hit back to back home runs in the Draft with Russell Westbrook (even though he was drafted as a Sonic) and James Harden (even though now he’s in Houston)
  • Saw the Thunder get to the NBA Finals for the first time in the Franchise’s history in almost fifteen years
  • Witnessed Kevin Durant mature into arguably one of the best players in the last 20 years

I love my Kings, but wouldn’t you be angry seeing all that transpire afte if they leave to another City? Look I have no problem with Seattle. In a sense Seattle is just like Sacramento, both have diehard fan bases, both are passionate, and both desperately want something to cheer about. The bigger story is this, why does the NBA waste time trying to put teams in cities that they know will NOT SUPPORT THEM? For every Seattle, there’s a Charlotte Bobcats (sitting here cringing just mentioning the Charlotte Bobcats).

Yet isn’t it funny some of the Karma Seattle has been catching lately? Didn’t it look like last June after Game 1 the Thunder were on their way to an NBA Championship? Events since then:

  • Thunder GM Sam Presti panics after James Harden wants more money, believing he’s a replaceable scoring threat and has a notion that Serge Ibaka will become a prime time Post Player, he trades him to Houston for Kevin Martin and Jeremy Lamb, in result breaking up what could have become the next Big Three with Westbrook, Harden, and Durant, the Beard is no more and goes to Houston where he drops 38 in his first Game after leaving OKC
  • Russell Westbrook injures his MCL after Houston Point Guard Patrick Beverly slams into his knee while he calls timeout, leaving him out for the rest of the Playoffs and guarantees Miami winning a second consecutive NBA Title
  • Durant goes 2-13 in Game 4 in the Fourth Quarter and Overtime now that Memphis can single on him….because….you know…no one else is scoring
  • Seattle Natives Macklemore and Ryan Lewis make it big in the Hip Hop Game and come out with a bang hitting back to back chart toppers with “Thrift Shop” and ” Can’t Hold us”


The Basketball Gods watch and hear everything. Seattle was done wrong, just because that happens does not mean they haven’t been heard. They deserve a team, if it’s not the Kings you can bet they will when the League plans to expand in the upcoming years after Stern’s departure as Commissioner this year. I’m with you Seattle, let me go get my Shawn Kemp throwback, it’s going down.

Seattle deserves an NBA Franchise, but they can’t have the Kings.

If the Kings stay in Sacramento:

It will go down as one of the greatest Comebacks of all time in the History of Comebacks. People that don’t know the story don’t realize how close we were almost four months ago to losing the Kings. We were like Sonny Corleone in the car at the toll booth when he sees all of Don Barzini’s Henchman come out of hiding to shoot him down. Our whole world was shattered when we heard news of Chris Hansen looking to purchase the Kings from the Maloofs (any chance we can get those guys to like….jump off a cliff and die?) and move them to Seattle. For us to be in the ball park at this stage of the game was unthinkable four months ago. Yet we’re here now, and on the brink of keeping them, and that’s all that matters at the end of the day. Here we stay.

If the Kings do stay we have a few people to thank: 

The Fans:

Something Magical happened after the news dropped that the Kings might be leaving Sac Town. We banded together like a Biker Gang out of Hell dressed in Purple and Black to get one common goal accomplished. “Keep our Kings, we’re not letting you take our Kings.” And no matter what we heard, no matter what was written, what was said we kept faith. We never lost hope, never quit on our team or ourselves no matter how hard the road seemed or what roadblock lay ahead for us. There was one common goal. “Win the day, if we win today we can survive to win tomorrow, win the day”. We’ve had that same belief for almost two years, why did America think we’d ever give up? Don’t you know? Sacramento never gives up the fight.

Us Sacramentoans, Sacramentians are resilient as hell. We’re hard working people who don’t back down from a challenge. “You want to take our team? Fine, but we’re not going down without a fight”. That’s why people made signs, painted their faces, dressed up their kids and went to every Game they could possibly go to. The Kings are the closest thing we have to Professional Sports. They make us feel like we belong and matter, they represent us whether they are 29-53 or 82-0. That’s why we show support no matter what. No matter how bad it’s looked, my people showed faith the whole way, and that’s why I show respect for my City. It’s why we sold out Game 7 in 2002, and why we balled our eyes out when Doug Christie was traded. Comebacks do happen, it’s why we get the Buffalo Bills coming back from 30 down to beat the Oilers in the Wild Card Round, it’s what caught Foreman in Ali’s Rope-A-Dope in Zaire, and hopefully why we get the Kings to stay in Sacramento. We don’t have the most money or the biggest attractions. Yet we do have something no one else has, we have heart. Heart is what makes us proud of our farms and our Cowbells, it’s what makes us Kings fans no matter how bad times have gotten for our team. WE HAVE THE BEST FANS IN THE LEAGUE, and I’ll put my City up against anyone.

Carmichael Dave:  Getting fired from Sports 1140 didn’t stop him from being the People’s Voice. Dave kept the enthusiasm and hope alive all along. He even took a road trip through the entire Country to keep support and hope alive for the Kings. Not to mention keeping us entertained with his Twitter Page.

Without a shadow of a doubt he’s one of the Top 3 Kings fans of all time. He spoke his mind about what he thought was going to happen (and he was right every step of the way). Let it be clear that Dave took on ever Seattle fan that tried to come at him on the Internet, bloggers, and Social Media wire. Carmichael never backed away from the challenge. He carried “We Believe” and “Here we Stay with him at every City and State he stopped in. The guy practically wore Purple and Black for a good four months straight. He was our Champion, the People’s Champion. And for every Sacramentoan I’d like to say, thank you Dave, for everything. Preach on brotha’.

Mayor Kevin Johnson: Quarterbacked the whole thing every step of the way. Will go down win or lose as one of the greatest Mayors in the History of our City for everything he did in his power to keep the Kings (if a Mayor Hall of Fame in Sacramento is ever created, he gets in first ballot no problem). Mayor Johnson loves Basketball, before he was our Mayor he was an All-Star for the Phoenix Suns. He knew how important this team was to us and he did everything in his power to keep them here. Mayor Johnson made it clear that we as a City did everything the NBA ever asked us to do every step of the way. He helped form the Whales (Mark Mastrov, Ron Burkle, Vivek Ranadive, Paul Jacobs) a group of investors who looked to keep the Kings here. What makes Mayor Johnson so amazing was this: he never believed we were going to lose. Who do I want to go to war with? The guy with the most money and plans for a big market team? Or the guy who dunked on Olajuwon? I’m taking the guy who believed anything was possible.

What we’ve lacked as a City for a long time is leadership. Not only through this whole mess have we found our leader but we have found someone who loves this City just as much as we do. Sacramento has found it’s Quarterback, and hopefully we find out we kept the Kings.

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