Top 10 FInals Moments: # 10 : Lebron gets his ring

ImageLebron James his whole career had been a machine. An unstoppable force of nature on the basketball court that was  blessed with speed, power, and an amazing basketball IQ. Yet still after two NBA Finals losses to San Antonio in 2007 and Dallas the year before in 2011, many still believed that his career was not complete until he finally captured that elusive Championship.

And after teaming up with Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade in South Beach to do just that the target was bigger than ever on his back. Now he was hated, disregarded from basketball fans eyes as more of somebody that took the easy road rather than stuck it out. No matter what record he shattered or stat he broke he was regarded as a choker who couldn’t finish or close the game when it mattered the most, and until he proved people wrong he would always be a king without a ring. And in the 2012 NBA Finals he looked to fill that void.

Facing  the talented Oklahoma City Thunder nucleus in Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, and James Harden, the Heat lost Game 1 to Oklahoma City right off the bat. It would be the only game Miami would lose the entire Finals, as they would go on to win four straight against ImageOklahoma City. Lebron would lead the team in scoring, rebounds, and assists for the entire series while earning Finals MVP honors in the process. Lebron James was finally equipped with the thing that had eluded him his entire career, a ring.

ImageThis would also hold significance for Oklahoma City, as this would be the last time the nucleus of Durant, Westbrook, and Harden would play together. Harden would be traded the next year before the season started to the Houston Rockets for Kevin Martin and Jeremy Lamb. While Westbrook would tear his Meniscus in the Playoffs against Houston.


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