Why the Padres have heated up.

Photo Credit: Marisol Hogan.

It comes to the surprise of some–if not many–Padres fans that the Padres have reached gone above .500 almost halfway through the season. This record is even more surprising when you look at what they Padres did to begin the season, starting off 2-10 and then falling to 5-15. So when exactly did this momentum streak start?

One could say it started way back in late April, after sweeping the defending World Series Champions, the

Photo Credit: Eric Anderson

Photo Credit: Eric Anderson

San Francisco Giants. After that series, the Padres would go on to win 7 of their next 10 games after the horrid start. And quickly made their record from 6-15, to 16-18 if you count the Giants sweep plus the 10 games afterwards. Since then, the Padres have never lost badly. The Padres have lost just 17 games since May 10th have averaged 3.5 runs a game. More over, their average margin of loss in those losses since May 10th is 2.88. Yet this number is inflated because of the blowout losses, which include a 10-2 and 9-0 loss. The Padres lost 7 of those 17 games by just 1 run and if you remove those two losses from the stat. The average margin of loss nearly drops by a entire run to just 1.93. It may not seem that important, but these two stats show that the Padres: 1. Are scoring decently enough to produce a .500 record and 2. They keep games close.

The Padres haven’t had wonderful pitching at all this year, yet their hitting has been great. The Padres are in the middle of the pack in a lot of important offensive categories including. Batting Average: 18th, OBP: 16th, RBI’s: 16th, and HR’s: 17th. They also lead baseball in a category, stolen bases, ahead of the Boston Red Sox. Pitching on the other hand as said earlier, hasn’t been so fortunate. The Padres rankings are towards the bottom of the pack. ERA: 22nd, BA: 21st, Quality Starts: 20th, and SO’s: 27th. The starting rotation has been semi-decent, and solid at times. Marquis and Stults lead the way in wins as Marquis has 9 while Stults has 6. The bullpen, though it hasn’t seemed to hold leads well, actually stands 9th in Holds. For those who do not know, a “Hold” is classified as a pitcher coming in during a save situation to pitch 1 inning and does not surrender the lead or finish the game. For an example, Marquis pitches 7 innings and the Padres lead 4-2. Luke Gregerson comes in in the 8th and keeps it 4-2 and Street comes in and finishes it off. Gregerson is given the “Hold”.

Given all this information, it can clearly show how the Padres aren’t totally in the basement of the NL West. Inconsistent, yet sometimes helpful pitching has combined with some lively bats. The Padres have given themselves chances to win ballgames. And come August and September, that’s all that counts.

Editor side note: This article was written DURING the Padres-Giants game, Wednesday June 19th. All the stats mentioned above are not included.

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