Nominated For eCollegeFinder’s Top College Athletics Blog Award 2013!

THANK YOU to all of our wonderful fan’s! We could not have been nominated as one of the top college athletic blogs of the year without you! You are the reason  why we strive to bring the best SDSU and San Diego Sports Coverage to you all on a daily basis!

(Please click on this link if you wish to see the eCollegeFinder’s Award Winners.)

Update: We are one of 29 blogs to win the award and we are the only blog from the great state of California to win the award.

Response To Nomination Questions. 

Question #1: How would you describe your blog to readers of our site?

San Diego Sports Domination is a local sports blog that covers most of San Diego’s sport teams. Our area of expertise is San Diego State University (SDSU) Football and Basketball. My blog is a great place to visit before any San Diego State Football or Basketball game. The goal of San Diego Sports Domination is to provide the most in-depth game previews, with great statistics, as possible. (This is a sample preview from SDSU’s March Madness game against Oklahoma.) I also attempt to have interviews with bloggers from opposing teams to give my fans a different perspective! We live Tweet all the SDSU Football and Basketball games. We have become a staple for all Aztec Sport fans that want to read in-depth articles about upcoming games. This was our 1st anniversary report if you would like to learn about what we have accomplished in the last year and a half.

Question #2: What about your University’s athletics team makes you proud?

The attitude in which San Diego State plays on the gridiron or the court shows heart, tremendous heart. From being down by 14 points remaining in the game and being able to force overtime is something not seen by many football teams around the nation. The Aztecs played in four overtime games this season which tied the national record for most overtime games played in a single season. Our men’s basketball team has won 99 straight games when leading with five minutes remaining in the game. All the athletic teams at San Diego State University have developed a winning attitude and are always a threat to their opponent.

Question #3: How do you stay on top of all the latest news and happenings surrounding your teams?

I do my best to attend all the San Diego State University home games. I get the latest news surrounding San Diego State from team sources such as coaches, players and boosters.  I also get news from local radio stations, sports news shows and print articles. I make it a point to stay tuned in!


Thank you for visiting our site!

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About DavidSDSU (1083 Articles)
I graduated from San Diego State University with a degree in Journalism with an emphasis in Media Studies. I am also the Founder and CEO of San Diego Sports Domination. I am an award winning blogger and have been covering San Diego State Athletics and San Diego Sports for the past 10 years. I have written many guest articles and have appeared in many podcasts. I have been a guest on all San Diego Sports Radio & TV stations. My articles have been linked to news websites all over the United States. I run this website in my spare time for fun. At my day job, I am a Digital Assistant for STN Digital a Digital Marketing Agency that works in the Sports & Entertainment Industry.

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