JMS210 Lecture on Sports and Social Media

Downtown San San Diego. Mandatory Photo Credit: David Frerker

I have been fortunate enough to guest lecture San Diego State’s JMS 210 (Journalism Media Studies in the Digital World). This was the third straight semester in which I have lectured the class. Here are some important tips that I spoke about during the lecture.

Texas Tech Band. Mandatory Photo Credit: David Frerker

Mandatory Photo Credit: David Frerker

Why you should learn to blog?

The world of blogging has been growing at an exponential rate and is quickly becoming a requirement for young professionals. Blogging can help immensely when building a professional portfolio and can raise you above the competition.

Blogging Platforms

  • –
  • – Blogger (Google)
  • – Tumblr (Yahoo)

Tips for increased engagement

  • Make sure to have bold titles, keywords and headlines. You want to make the blog look like a news website. In the long run It will help gain readers.

  • 5 times as many people read the headline than the body copy – learn to write good headlines.

  • Post or schedule your blog articles before news segments.

  • Do not be afraid to reach out to others for interviews about events. It can also help grow your reader base.

  • Share blog posts with local media and others who share that area of expertise.

  • Follow and read other similar blogs as a way of improving your own blog.

  • Mixing up what you post is one of the best ways to draw visitors back to your blog.

  • Podcasting, Videos, Photos, Infographics, inspirational quotes, tips etc…

  • Sometimes videos and photos can be more powerful in a blog post than reading 500 words.


Networking on social media can lead to some very interesting opportunities. The following are some opportunities that I have been granted due to networking.

  • ESPN San Diego Radio Guest for six months.
  • Podcasting with SB Nation’s Mountain West Connection (Link) (Link) (Link) (Link)

  • Podcasting with Leatherheads of the Gridiron (Link) (Link)
  • Talk Now San Antonio Radio Interview (Link)
  • Question and answer segments on opposing teams (Link) (Link)

All of the links that I have provided above have of course been sports articles. But networking has also helped me on the Journalism and Public relations side as well!

I am a news junkie and watch all of the local news outlets everyday! It is important when working in the field of Public Relations to understand the best people to pitch certain stories too. When you see a story that you liked make sure to follow that reporter and send them a Tweet. The more you Tweet back and forth with the reporter the closer you can get to them! I have developed a professional relationship with a few reporters in San Diego using the tip that I have given above! It will help you in the long run if you attempt to do media relations on social media.

Covering San Diego State Sporting Events as a blogger:

Covering San Diego State Sports events has been extremely difficult. I have been denied the opportunity to have press credentials because I am considered a blogger. The only way on the SDSU campus to acquire press credentials is to be part of either The Daily Aztec or the Athletic department. It does not matter how big of a blog you have. This has not hampered our attempt to cover San Diego State Athletics in any form. We get some of our information here at San Diego Sports Domination through the use of confidential sources inside the athletic department. We also get some of our information from team sources. This past season San Diego Sports Domination was named eCollegeFinder’s Top College Athletics Blog of 2013! We are one of 29 blogs to win the award and we are the only blog from the great state of California to win the award.

If you like social media make sure to follow me on Twitter @DavidFrerker

About DavidSDSU (1259 Articles)
I graduated from San Diego State University with a degree in Journalism with an emphasis in Media Studies. I am also the Founder and CEO of San Diego Sports Domination. I am an award winning blogger and have been covering San Diego State Athletics and San Diego Sports for the past 10 years. I have written many guest articles and have appeared in many podcasts. I am also the team photographer for the San Diego Silverbacks, San Diego Surf (WPSL) and San Diego Strike Force. At my day job, I am a Live Coverage and Studio Coordinator at STN Digital a Digital Marketing Agency that works in the Sports & Entertainment Industry. We work with the biggest sports & entertainment companies in the world.

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