The Top Three So-Cal Apps for MLB Fans

Chute: breaking it down

As fans, we appreciate being able to connect with the players that we devote our time, energy, and money into supporting. Thanks to the technological upswing in mobile app development, there is a bevy of ways to feel closer to the teams we love. If So-Cal MLB teams were to partner with these locally developed apps, the results would be a fan’s best dreams come true!

1.     Uber

Simulated screen images of the app in action

Simulated screen images of the app in action.

Let’s be real—getting around in normal Cali traffic is a nightmare at best, and during peak hours (like, say, before the start of a Padres game) becomes seriously unbearable. Enter Uber; the answer to every fan’s commuter needs. If the Padres, A’s and Giants partnered with Uber, they could offer their followers reliable transportation to and from the games. This app would eliminate the stress of fighting traffic, finding parking, and the ever-present temptation to drive after “just a couple” of beers.

Pretty slick logo!

Pretty slick logo!

Rides are set up and paid for via the app on the user’s cell phone; so fans don’t need to worry about fumbling around for cash or trying to remember the company’s contact info. Uber even offers passengers the option to split the bill, so loyal fans will never have to miss a game due to traffic or parking again.

2.    Chute

NBC News' Chute Page

NBC News’ Chute Page

Surprise—people like to take pictures (especially of themselves) and publish them on social media. So it would only make sense that the Padres would partner with a brilliant app like Chute in order to maximize fan experience. Essentially, Chute consolidates media from any source (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.) and subsequently eliminates the need for users to spend uploading every picture from their respective social sites.


Chute: breaking it down

Chute: breaking it down

The benefits to both teams are apparent; fan participation can be elevated to another level. Loyal supporters and fantasy fans alike can upload pictures that teams can then use on billboards, interactive display screens, or even websites. Chute offers real-time updates, the option to purchase rights to pictures, and interactive geolocation. How cool would it be to see your picture on an Padres’ billboard ad? Or on the the team’s homepage? Plus, this will give fans the opportunity to connect globally, both with other users and with the respective teams. If they wanted to get really crazy, the teams could host fan-photo contests that would both encourage participation and attract new users.

3.     Backplane

Lady Gaga's Little Monster's Backplane

Lady Gaga’s Little Monster’s Backplane

Fans are a league’s most valuable assets; you can never have too many! In order to appreciate lifelong fans and help attract newbies, So-Cal teams should consider teaming up with Backplane. This app forms communities populated by people that share similar interests. As pictured above, Lady Gaga has a site devoted entirely to her Little Monsters (fans); this allows fans from all nations to connect and share their passion for the pop star.

Another slick logo

Another slick logo

It would be a unique, intimate way to connect teams and players with their fans. Since the site is interactive (think Facebook) it creates a sense of unity among users. Users can create complete profiles, post their own media, and even chat with the community creator (i.e. the Padres, Angles, Dodgers, Giants, etc.).

As technology continues to develop, it will become easier to bridge the gap between cities, states, and even countries. With these connections available, it is imperative that high profile organizations (teams, brands, etc.) continue to leverage the tools to their advantage. Fans like to feel like they are valued, and apps, like the ones mentioned above, make it that much easier for players to appreciate their followers.

Julia Randall is currently stealing home. When she’s not doing hot-yoga, you can find her writing about sports.

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