I Believe That We Will Win!


After grinding out a 2-1 win against Ghana, the U.S. Men’s National Team is set to take on Christian Ronaldo and Portugal. The U.S. came out of their last game with a win after struggling for most of the game against a tough opponent in Ghana. A lack of attack after Clint Dempsey’s fifth fastest goal in World Cup history and the hamstring injury to Jozy Altidore early in the first half left the U.S. to play on the defensive as Ghana put the pressure on. Thanks to John Brooks’ header in the 86th minute, the U.S. was able to come out of the game with 3 points. Although many factors have changed on how the U.S. will play Portugal due to the last match, the injury to Altidore, leaving Klinsmann with a tough decision on who to start as the other forward, Dempsey’s broken nose and how that will effect him as the game progresses and Portugal’s two starting Centre Backs out of today’s match will sure make it an interesting game to see. Klinsmanns decision on who to start may also have a huge impact on how effective the United States attack can be, Klinsmann can choose between Forward Aron Jóhannsson or San Jose Earthquakes Forward Chris Wondolowski. Another key to success for today’s match is the play of Midfielder Michael Bradley. Bradley struggled to get anything going in the last match and how he performs in today’s match can be the difference with the U.S. coming out of today’s match with a win. Even under all these circumstances, due to .yesterday’s 2-2 draw between Germany and Ghana, the door is left wide open for the U.S. Men’s National Team to advance to the second round of sixteen with a win against Portugal today. As today’s match begins one chant will sweep the nation…
I believe
I believe that
I believe that we will win
I believe that we will win
I believe that we will win

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