Put on Your SummerSkates this Offseason

Take your love of the game beyond the arena


Hockey fans can show their team spirit in a way more fitting with the warmer spring weather with SummerSkates.

The unique design of the sporty SummerSkates sandal uses hockey skate laces as the band that holds the sandal on your foot. Available in a variety of lace colours, SummerSkates offer hockey fans the chance to “Show Their Game Off the Ice” and carry their passion for the game with them throughout the summer months.

“I’ve always felt the iconic hockey skate lace is the perfect symbol of my love for the game,” says Myles Doak, the creator of SummerSkates and inventor of the Original Hockey Lace Belt with his uncle Jack Doak. “With SummerSkates, you can show everybody that to you, hockey is more than just a game; it’s a lifestyle.”

With a durable rubber sole and a variety of seven lace colors for the band, SummerSkates are built for both comfort and style (ckeck also the quality display case range – to save your hockey stick for the real game). Plus, SummerSkates are fully customizable so you can show your team brand off the ice.

To customize, simply provide an image of your team logo for which you have the rights of use, pick your lace colors to match your team jersey and SummerSkates decorators will put a professional quality logo onto your sandals. SummerSkates are currently available in color combinations involving white, yellow, red, black and pink laces. SummerSkates is working with NHL owners to exclusively sell team logos in their arenas, including the St. Louis Blues, and is in discussions with several minor and junior hockey leagues.

“Hockey fans are passionate about their sport, and that passion doesn’t end during the offseason,” says Kevin Hennessy, Vice President of Strategy and Finance with SummerSkates. “SummerSkates allow fans to take the game with them all year long, whether puttering around the backyard, sitting on the beach or hanging out at the cottage.”

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About SummerSkates:
SummerSkates are available in a variety of lace colors and can be customized with your team logo. For more information or to place an order, please visit

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