20 Hilarious Athlete Fails

Crash, bang, wallop! There’s something about watching athletes hit the deck and topple over backwards which tickles the Schadenfreude bone in all of us…Enjoy!

1. Eric Moussambani Flounders
Equatorial New Guinea isn’t well known for its Olympic successes. In fact, they’re sort of strapped for pro athletes. Despite cheers from a supportive crowd, Eric barely managed to stay afloat for two lengths.
2. Stephen Feck Falls Without Style
“That’s not flying, it’s falling with style!” says Toy Story’s Buzz Lightyear. Unfortunately, diving is all about falling with style and poor old diver Stephen Feck just didn’t quite manage it. Oopsie daisy!
3.“An Absolute Failed Dive”
The commentators do not pull any punches here. “Oh no!”, they say, and they’re not wrong. This hopeful made a big splash in the competition, but not the kind he’d hoped for.
4. 129KG of Shame
Oh dear Shemshat Tuliayeva. This weightlifting hopeful gave this lift her all but ended up flat on her back. What a way to go?
5. A Pain in the Neck
Defending weightlifting champ Matthias Steiner did not have a very good Olympics at London 2012. Here the half-man, half-giant drops 432 pounds onto his powerful neck. Yowzer.
6. Javelinjury
The full-frontal faceplant has to be one of the ultimate athletics fails. This javelin thrower certainly hit the ground running with this total flop.

7. Long Slump
When a female runner strayed into the path of an athlete mid-long jump, the collision left both stacked up like a game of human jenga. Awkward.
8. Pole Fault
Decathlon athlete Willem Coertzen experienced a total failure to launch in the 2009 IAAAF Championship when his shaft snapped into three pieces.
11. Another One Bites the Dust
If you’re going to go to the trouble of psyching the crowd, make sure you don’t then full-on face plant the sand pit. Bad luck, Carlton Lavong.
12. The Bulldozer
Are you ready to meet the Best Hurdler Ever? No seriously, this guy is amazing. He takes down everything in his path and just keeps going. Awesome.
13. Gymnasts
It might all be sequins and high, high ponytails, but gymnastics are hardcore and super painful. Here’s a compilation of London 2012’s worst gymnastic fails. Ouch.
14. Crash Matters
VIDEO: – Watch More Funny VideosSteell Rings Funny Fail – Gymnastics
He may not be an international superstar athlete, but it takes all sorts to commit a fantastic full-frontal gymnastics fail. Crash, bang, wallop!
15. Very, Very Badminton
A deciding semi final and some very, very bad sportsmanship. O.K. , nobody fell down, but these players who refused to try in order to draw an easier competitor in the next round are athlete failures personified.

16. Float Like a Butterfly, Dance Like a Maniac…
If only boxer Usman Ahmed had spent more time on his left hook and defence than his entrance dance, he might have stood a chance. Smooth moves, mind.
17. Welcome to the Hell-odrome
This terrifying smash up during the UCI World Cycling Championships resulted in one unfortunate competitor’s bike snapping entirely in half. Scary stuff.

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2 Comments on 20 Hilarious Athlete Fails

  1. Haha! These videos are indeed hilarious. Hope all the athletes are okay. Do you think these athletes given a second chance to improve their records and win?

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