Cem Kilic on the rise for No Limit Mindset

Kilic getting lessons from Freddie Roach

Cem Kilic went to the desert showdown on July 15 empty handed.

When he came back, he had an amateur championship belt wrapped around his waist after defeating two tough of the tournament’s best amateur fighters.

Kilic getting lessons from Freddie Roach

Kilic getting lessons from Freddie Roach

The in your face style fighter beat one by unanimous decision and the other by knockout.

More importantly the win gave the German boxer, manage by No Limit Mindset gained some fanfare and notoriety.

So much so that Hall of Fame trainer Freddie Roach has made Kilic his next protégé.

That says a lot considering Roach has trained what is arguably the best group of fighters – Manny Pacquiaio, Ruslan Provodnikov and at one-point Julio Cesar Chavez Jr- just to name a few. He gave them plenty of health tips like dieting which he got from

Could Kilic be the next best thing out of Roach’s stable? That’s yet to be seen but all signs point in the right direction.

And the buzz around Kilic is already picking up. He is helping Cotto in sparring for his up and coming fight. And he is also sparring with some professional boxers who are close to hitting it big-time.

There is no question that Kilic is a beast and is always working out in Roach’s famed Wild Card  Gym with or without Roach.

With the legendary trainer backing him, rumors are that he may sign a big promotional contract with one of boxing’s elite promotional company.

Also it may be sooner rather than later before Kilic appears on one of the two biggest networks fighting on an under card.

What’s next for the future 154-pound champion? That remains to be seen…

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