Josh Johnson Decision

Mandatory Photo Credit: David Frerker

Mandatory Photo Credit: David Frerker

Now that the World Series has concluded the San Diego Padres have a very important decision to make in the next three days…To exercise pitcher Josh Johnson’s $3 million option for the 2015 season, or decline it, which If the Padres are smart (I believe GM AJ Preller and company are) they would decline the option and make better use of that $3 million.

Maybe invest that money into a free agent batter because God knows we need hitters. Or maybe the Padres can free up that money to use extend a player’s contract (Andrew Cashner?). Hell, if the Padres use that $3 million to pay off some debt I’d be ok with that too. I know in the baseball world spending $3 million for a player sounds like a bargain. But when our padres have historically been cash strapped it’s best to spend every Penny wisely. It’s not like we’re the Yankees or dodgers and can hand out money freely.

There is no question when healthy Josh Johnson can be a dominating pitcher. An ace at that. His track record proves it: In a 9- year career Johnson has racked up 58 wins to 48 loses with a 3.40 ERA and 8.3 SO/9. And last year, before undergoing Tommy John surgery, he only pitched 13 innings in Spring Training. So as a fan I’d been interested in seeing Johnson, back in a Friar’s uniform. Because if healthy he can be a great addition to the team.

If the Padres decline Johnson’s option there is a chance he could sign with another team and if he fully recovers he can be a dominating pitcher once again. I’m the Padres, I really do try to bring him back. Just not at $3 million. I know we have a rotation that is pretty much set for next year but like that old saying you can never have too many good pitchers. I’m not a GM by any means but I’d like to see the Padres decline Johnson’s $3 million option and resign him for far less money. Maybe include an incentive base contract similar to the one he had last year. Maybe he can make up to $3 million if he makes 10 or more starts etc.

The bottom line is that I want to see Josh Johnson return to the Padres, but not willing to see the Padres break the bank for him. After all we already have Carlos Quentin being a financial burden. And we don’t need another Quentin do we?

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2 Comments on Josh Johnson Decision

  1. I think it would be great if we could keep him for “much less money,” but I don’t think that’s realistic. Considering that Stults is going to be gone (I believe I read that his contract is up… ?), if Johnson can do what he showed in most of his ST starts, I think $3 mil would be a bargain. I don’t see anyone on our farm team being ready to seize a regular spot in the rotation.

    Of course, the injury risk is very real. Do we roll the dice?

    All of that being said, I would love for $3 mil to make a difference in signing an impact bat. I just don’t think that’ll be enough to make a real difference on that front.

    I’m torn. Right now, I’m leaning toward keeping him. But tomorrow…

  2. We’re going to have to move Kennedy or Cashner in our quest for a bat, I believe… those are the only pieces of real value that we can/should move…

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