SDSU Basketball: Starting 5 has been announced.

Mandatory Photo Credit: Tony Amat

Mandatory Photo Credit: Tony Amat

Mandatory Photo Credit: Tony Amat

With one day until the start of the most anticipated San Diego State Basketball season in San Diego State History we now know the starting five for the Aztecs exhibition game against Point Loma Nazarene this coming Friday night. San Diego State Basketball coach Brian Dutcher told the world the starting five on the “Darren Smith Show” today. My sources told me over a month ago who the starters would be. I can tell everyone that this will be a very high scoring starting 5. Angelo Chol will be the first man off the bench aka the Aztecs 6th starter. You will also see a lot more of Matt Shrigley this season. I will expect the Aztecs to run the 1-3-1 zone this season. The Aztecs will be a hand full for every team they play this season.

Freshman Trey Kell and Kevin Zabo have both spent time running the point at practice over the past two weeks. Many expected Zabo would start as he is the best ball handler. Zabo will be the future of SDSU basketball as he will play much like DJ Gay. Kell on the other hand has one of the missing factors from last season, offense. He is the best point guard offensively on the San Diego State team followed by Kevin Zabo and Quinn. Expect a trio of starters for SDSU this season as all three-point guard will play.

Season Prediction Point Guards:

Kell: will lead the point guards in points and starts this season.

Zabo: will lead the point guards in minutes played this season and will be given the ball when the game is on the line.

Quinn: will be the best defensive option at the point.

Our Player of the Year:

Dwayne Polee

Most Improved player of the Year:

Winston Shepard

Will lead the team in rebounds and be the 6th man of the year:

Angelo Chol


SDSU will live in the 65 to 75 point range this season. Anything over 60 should be a win for SDSU.

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4 Comments on SDSU Basketball: Starting 5 has been announced.

  1. Sweet! Can’t wait to see how well they play together!

  2. With Shrigley out for 4 weeks Kell may get more time at SG leaving Zabo, Williams, and Quinn extra time at PG. This could also give Allen the chance to show he belongs in the group that gets significant minutes.

    • I would agree with you 100%. Allen need’s to play up to his potential when he get’s the chance or I see him transferring due to lack of playing time.

      From my source Shrigley was going to be the 2nd man off the bench with Angelo Chol. I wonder if now the Aztecs will give walk-on Parker U’u more time as he is the deep 3 threat along side Shrigley.

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