San Diego State’s MBB History In March Madness

Mandatory Photo Credit: Tony Amat

San Diego State has been to a school record six consecutive NCAA Tournaments. With the Aztecs games on Friday we have decided to take a look at SDSU’s history in the NCAA Tournament. San Diego State is 5-8 in 9 NCAA Tournament appearances dating back to 1985. The NCAA started recording NCAA Tournament data in 1985. SDSU did play in two NCAA Tournaments before data was recorded in 1985. SDSU lost both of those games 90 to 80 to UNLV (1975) and 74 to 64 to UCLA (1976). Those two games have not been added into any of our charts.

Mandatory Photo Credit: Tony Amat

Mandatory Photo Credit: Tony Amat

San Diego State participated in six NCAA Tournaments (1975, 1976, 1985, 2002, 2006, 2010) before they won their first ever game in the NCAA Tournament back in 2011. That 2011 team was the best team in the history of San Diego State University. They were the 1st Aztec team to ever land in the AP Top 25 poll. The first SDSU team to win 30 + games in a single season and the first Aztec team to ever win a game in the NCAA Tournament. In 2011 the Aztecs defeated Northern Colorado in first round 68-50, defeated Temple in second round, 71-64 and lost to Connecticut in regional semifinal 74-67. That 2011 team was something special. A team that many Aztecs believe should have played for a national championship. The Aztecs gained national attention for knocking off west coast basketball giant No. 11/12 Gonzaga in Spokane 79 to 76 on national television. San Diego State had three players on that 2011 team who have played in the NBA. NBA Finals MVP and the most famous current Aztec in the NBA Kawhi Leonard. Malcolm Thomas has played on four different NBA teams and Jamaal Franklin has bounced around the NBA.

Highlights from SDSU NCAA Tournament Appearances 

2010 SDSU vs. Tennesse  (LINK)

2011 SDSU vs. Northern Colorado (LINK)

2011 SDSU vs. Temple (No Highlight Video Found)

2011 SDSU vs. Connecticut

2012 SDSU vs. NCST (No Highlight Video Found)

2013 SDSU vs.Oklahoma

2013 SDSU vs. Florida Gulf Coast

2014 SDSU vs. New Mexico State

2014 SDSU vs.North Dakota State

2014 SDSU vs. Arizona

 San Diego State Men’s Basketball History In NCAA Tournament

We have separated the charts. The first chart shows all of the SDSU losses in the 1st round of the NCAA Tournament. The first chart may be confusing to basketball nerds due to the 1st Round. The 1st four was added in 2011 by the NCAA. That is why you see round #1 on the first chart. Chart #2 shows SDSU advancing out of the 2nd round of the NCAA Tournament.

Chart 1)

1985 13 1 UNLV Loss 85 to 80
2002 13 1 Illinois Loss 93 to 64
2006 11 1 Indiana Loss 87 to 83
2010 11 1 Tennessee Loss 62 to 59
2012 6 2 North Carolina State Loss 79 to 65


Chart 2)

2011 2 2 Northern Colorado Win 68 to 50
2011 2 3 Temple Win 71 to 64
2011 2 Sweet 16 Connecticut Loss 74 to 67
2013 7 2 Oklahoma Win 70 to 55 
2013 7 3 Florida Gulf Coast Loss 81 to 71
2014 4 2 New Mexico State Win 73 to 69 
2014 4 3 North Dakota State Win 63 to 44
2014 4 Sweet 16 Arizona Loss 70 to 64

Total NCAA Tournament INFO 

 3-5 2-1 0-2 0-0 0-0 0-0



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