Pressure Mounts For Black

Coming into the 2015 baseball season, Padres manager Bud Black has the best team he can possibly field since he took over the managerial reigns eight years ago. Not only is this the best team he’s ever managed, this is arguably the best team in all of baseball this year. The additions of Matt Kemp, Justin Upton and Wil Myers add a power force that’s been lacking in Black’s lineup for quite some time.The signing of pitcher James Shields gives Buddy Black a true Ace to what is his deepest starting rotation to date. With all this new talent there is no reason the Padres shouldn’t contend for the pennant. I’ve been one of Buddy Black’s biggest supporters the last two years. While fans and some in the media were calling for his head last year, I stood by him and glad the Padres stuck it out with him. The blame -as it was- fell on former GM Josh Byrnes and other GMs, and to a greater extent ownership in the past for giving Bud Black a bad product to play with.

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In years past he had teams with the likes of Yasmani Grandal, Chris Denorfia and Nick Hundley. It’s hard to expect your team to win with this kind of roster. But now if the Padres don’t get a playoff birth I am of the belief that Buddy should be fired. The failure should and would fall on him. There would be no excuses for a team with this much talent to miss out on the playoffs. As much as I like Buddy Black, he is under the microscope this year and if he fails to meet expectations then I don’t know how much longer I can stand by him. Even Harold Reynolds, a baseball analyst on MLB Network, said on the Padres’ segment on 30 clubs in 30 days that the pressure is mounting for black. “The expectations are there,” Reynolds said. “The pressure is definitely on to win.”


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2 Comments on Pressure Mounts For Black

  1. This is a horrible position for Buddy. If he wins the critics will say “of course he won, look at the talent he has/had to work with.” If he doesn’t win people will say he sucks as a manager and shouldn’t be blown out two years ago.

    I feel sorry for him actually. He is in a no win situation.

  2. LHaglund1986 // April 22, 2015 at 2:07 pm // Reply

    I know this is a relatively old story by this point- but I think Buddy’s in a great situation. He has a great repuation despite lackluster results- mostly due to the low quality of the roster in years past. With the level of talent on this roster, most reasonable fans expect 85 wins. I also think that ownership would look more at the increased attendance and be thrilled to death with that type of win production and the extra cash it brings in.


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