The Active Times Unveils the 50 Fittest Colleges in America in 2015

The Active Times, the best source of content for living the active, adventurous life, just unveiled its third annual list of the 50 Fittest Colleges in America in 2015. This year, The Active Times added 49 new colleges to make the total preliminary list 142 with Virginia Tech reclaiming the top spot after falling a few spots last year.

Of the 26 states that made the list, Texas and New York claimed 5 spots each. Each college had the potential to earn a total of 175 points, with the number one school racking-up 130 points and the number two school not too far behind with a total of 126 points.

This year the preliminary list was compiled from a wide variety of sources. The Active Times first consulted their own lists of the top 50 fittest colleges from 2013 and 2014. Next to be taken into consideration were the schools that currently hold a top 50 spot in U.S. News and World Report’s “Best Colleges Rankings.” Additionally, since 2014, The Active Times made a point to include the nation’s top military colleges as well. The schools that have been noted for having the happiest students and for providing them with a great quality of life, excellent campus dining options and top-notch athletic facilities by The Princeton Review were also considered.

Then through reviews and ratings on Niche Colleges (formerly College Prowler) the opinions that matter most were weighed in — the opinions of the students who currently call these campuses home. From the quality of and enthusiasm for a school’s sports programs and its campus dining ratings, to the quality of health and safety on campus, The Active Times were sure to take their thoughts on all aspects of fitness, health and wellness into consideration.

Once the above data was complied, the scoring process began, awarding factors that indicate a wholesome sense of health and wellbeing —such as quality of life, student happiness and participation in recreational activities (both varsity and club or intramural) — with the most weight.

The team at The Active Times encourages readers to provide feedback on the following list. Did your favorite college make the cut? You can let The Active Times know if you agreed with the rankings by tweeting@TheActiveTimes using the hashtag #50fittestcolleges.

More details about the 50 Fittest Colleges in America is available at:

Final Ranking


1 Virginia Polytechnic Institute—Blacksburg, Va.
2 Claremont McKenna College—Claremont, CA
3 Ohio State University—Columbus, Ohio
4 Washington University in St. Louis
5 University of Dayton- Dayton, Ohio
6 Bowdoin College—Brunswick, ME
7 Rice University
8 University of Georgia–Athens, Ga.
9 Pennsylvania State University–University Park
10 Stanford University
11 University of Illinois–Urbana-Champaign
12 University of California–Los Angeles
13 University of Notre Dame
14 Michigan State University–East Lansing, Mich.
15 Gettysburg College- Gettysburg, Pa.
16 Vanderbilt University
17 University of Texas–Austin
18 University of Massachusetts Amherst–Amherst, Mass.
19 Middlebury College- Middlebury, Vt.
20 Wheaton College—Wheaton, IL
21 Scripps College—Claremont, CA
22 Southern Methodist University
23 Whitman College—Walla Walla, WA
24 University of Oregon–Eugene, Ore.
25 Kansas State University—Manhattan, KS
26 Cornell University
27 St. Olaf College—Northfield, MN
28 James Madison University—Harrisonburg, VA
29 Boston College
30 University of South Carolina—Columbia, SC
31 University of Florida
32 University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill
33 Bryn Mawr College—Bryn Mawr, PA
34 University of Southern California
35 University of Wisconsin–Madison
36 Tufts University
37 University of Missouri—Columbia, Mo.
38 Texas A&M University—College Station, Texas
39 USMA West Point— West Point, N.Y.
40 University of San Diego- San Diego, Calif.
41 University of Miami
42 University of Nebraska—Lincoln, Neb.
43 Oklahoma State University-Stillwater—Stillwater, OK
44 University of Scranton- Scranton, Pa.
45 Syracuse University—Syracuse, N.Y.
46 Florida State University—Tallahassee, Fla.
47 University of Maryland—College Park, Md.
48 Georgia Institute of Technology
49 University of Virginia
50 Skidmore College- Saratoga Springs, N.Y.


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