Stadium Advocate Dan McLellan Reacts to Downtown Stadium Initiative

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Mandatory Photo Credit: Dan McLellan

San Diego, CA (For Release) – Stadium advocate Dan McLellan, a former Chargers beat writer for CBS Sports and a Chargers season ticket holder for over 20 years, has joined a team dedicated to bringing a stadium solution forward for Downtown San Diego. This summer, McLellan reached out to attorney Cory Briggs as did San Diego Stadium Coalition Chairman Jason Riggs. “The SDSC and I both encouraged Briggs to write a Citizens Initiative to provide a path for a new stadium in downtown San Diego and he took us up on the challenge,” said McLellan. “I’m excited to be part of the team that is bringing a stadium solution forward for downtown San Diego.”

downtown Chargers stadiumAccording to McLellan, the Pay Their Own Way for Tourism-Related Transportation, Educational, and Environmental Facilities and Infrastructure Initiative is simply written and proposes that the land adjacent to Petco Park be designated for stadium and convention center purposes. It does not provide public funds for construction of a stadium. However, it provides an opportunity for the Chargers and Convention Center interests to negotiate a deal to build a multi-use facility.

The stadium portion of a projected combined $1.2 billion project is currently estimated to be $680 million. Additional funds will be needed for required environmental mediation. The Chargers have already publicly committed $400 million towards the multi-use concept with $200 million from the team and $200 million in NFL loan money. The gap could be filled in a variety of ways, possibly including naming rights or an increased loan from the NFL. Also, if any team moves to Los Angeles they will need to pay a relocation fee, a portion of which may go to the Chargers to buy them out of their share of the L.A. market.

“I have been passionate about finding a way for San Diego to build a new NFL stadium for many years,” said McLellan. “Over the last 12 months, I have donated hundreds of hours to finding a solution while being a stay-at-home dad. This work included independent research into the obstacles of building a new stadium in Mission Valley.”

McLellan’s public comments in the EIR process for Mission Valley illustrate that neither Mayor Faulconer nor the members of CSAG acknowledged physical, environmental, and financial constraints in their Mission Valley proposals. A new NFL stadium in Mission Valley is improbable because of such expensive and time consuming obstacles.

With passage of the “Pay Their Own Way” initiative, San Diego will entitle the downtown property for development. A new stadium could be built with no public money for construction.

The SDSC is moving forward with an effort to raise $50,000 for a signature drive to place this initiative on the ballot in June. Those interested in donating can go to to learn more. Contributions will be matched by Briggs, his clients, and other interested parties.

McLellan adds, “If Faulconer and members of CSAG are truly serious about solving our stadium problem, I invite them to make a contribution to the signature drive. Together we can move San Diego forward.”

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