CSU Opponent Q&A with BSN Denver

Welcome to the official San Diego Sports Domination and BSN Denver Q&A. I hope this will help all of our Aztec Fans learn more about this weekend’s opponent. Please feel free to answer the poll question at the bottom of the article. For those who are attending the game on Saturday please check out the end of our interview for suggestions on food, bars and the easiest way to get to the Stadium. Make sure to follow BSN Denver at @CSURamsNews on Twitter.

SDSU vs. Colorado State GAME PREVIEW (LINK)


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1) Who is the best player on the Colorado State Offense?

Hands-down, the best player on offense or defense is Rashard “Hollywood” Higgins. The receiver was a consensus All-American last year, only Colorado State’s third such player in their school history. He’s fast and incredibly quick, able to juke players out of their cleats and run to the house. While last year was superb, this season he’s off the pace he set last season. CSU could do much more to get him the ball consistently.

2) Who is the best player on the Colorado State Defense?

Kevin Pierre-Louis, a senior safety, is the team’s best defender. And he’s the most important, too. If he plays well — hitting hard and cleanly — he’s an enforcer. If he has a bad day, look for the Aztecs to hit on some explosive plays over the top of his head.

3) What under the radar player should Aztec fans watch on Colorado State’s Offense?

Dalyn Dawkins, sophomore running back. Dawkins got the start to begin the season but his role has been diminished with the resurgence of Jasen Oden. Oden is a big, beastly back while Dawkins is a small, scat back. If Dawkins gets a shot tomorrow, look for him as an explosive threat out of the backfield on passing plays as well as running the rock. He’s fast; if SDSU loses him, he’ll go to the house. It’s unknown how much gametime he’ll get, though.

4) What under the radar player should Aztec fans watch on Colorado States’s Defense?

Defensive end Martavius Foster has been an inconsistent pass-rusher, but when he’s on, he’s a menace. No. 9 could disrupt things in the SDSU backfield if he has his way.

5) Do you think that Colorado State will stack the box in order to shut down the Aztec run game?

If it’s needed, they will. What’s proven true with the Rams coaches is they understand how to break down film and recognize a team’s strengths. This being the first game after the bye, they had two weeks to break down the film and they’ll stack the box to stop Pumphrey. He seems to be key from a defensive standpoint for the Rams.

6) What will be the outcome for the game?

This will be a close, hard-fought game. Colorado State needs a lot of things to go their way to win. They can’t turn the ball over repeatedly, Nick Stevens must not stare down receivers, both Oden and Dawkins need to run well and the defense can’t give up explosive plays. If they can cover all those bases, the Rams will win close. If they can’t SDSU may win big.

7) Since you have been covering the Rams for sometime what are some tips and tricks to getting around the stadium for those Aztec fans who will be traveling to the game. Do you have any food recs?

Eat before the game if you have time. Hit Qdoba for a breakfast burrito or Consuelos for local burritos. There’s not a ton of food near the stadium, so if you don’t have time to stop, plan on tailgating. Make your own food and a lot of it, eat before and wait until after the game to eat again. Food in the stadium isn’t great and should be much better in 2017 when the on-campus stadium opens. Give yourself time to make it into the parking lots as the crowd always arrives late. After the game, hit Old Town; that’s where all the best restaurants and bars are. Austin’s is a solid steak house (or Sonny Lubick’s if you have the coin), Rio has decent Mexican food and amazing margaritas, 415 is a little more hip but has really good food and a diverse menu and Ace Gillette’s offers great apps, mixed drinks and live jazz in a classier setting. Enjoy Fort Collins!

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