Dunlap, Johnson and Watt Return to Chargers After Injuries

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Mandatory Photo Credit: San Diego Sports Domination CEO & Founder David Frerker

Mandatory Photo Credit: San Diego Sports Domination CEO & Founder David Frerker

A great example comes from what is transpiring with the San Diego Chargers. At 2-5, the Chargers have been a bit of a disappointment in 2015, a common occurrence over the past few seasons. This year, much of the blame has to be placed on the team’s inability to get healthy and stay healthy. It’s not long-term injuries that are causing issues, but instead nagging injuries taking down key players for a game or two at a time. This has resulted in the team not being able to establish any continuity and consistency on the field. Who would ever imagine that QB Philip Rivers would lead the league is passing yards by a large margin while the Chargers are fighting to stay playoff relevant?. It may be too little too late even though they recently signed two players to their practice squad.

In the news this week, it has been revealed that the Chargers could get three puzzle pieces back into the starting lineup. Hopefully rejoining the fray will be starting wide receiver Stevie Johnson, starting left tackle King Dunlap and starting center Chris Watt.

Johnson was signed in March of this year to a 3-year, $12,000,000 contract as a free agent. After a solid start to the season with 18 receptions for 205 yards and 2 TDs, he injured his hamstring in the team’s week 4 game against the Cleveland Browns. Since that time, the team has lost two straight.

Of course, Rivers will be the most happy to see his starting offensive line standing with him in the huddle. For Dunlap, the season has proven to be a little tough on his head. In the team’s week 3 loss to the Minnesota Vikings, he reportedly suffered his third concussion of the season. Each week since then, he has continued to show signs of a concussion, which has forced the team to hold him from the field. Initial reports coming into this week’s game are positive, though guarded.

As for Watt, he also fell victim to a concussion, which occurred in the team’s week 5 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers. His injury was thought to be less significant than that incurred by Dunlap, but team doctors chose to take a cautious approach and ruled him out in week 6.

While Rivers will be happy to see his starting players back on the field, it’s worth noting how well the team did in filling in the gaps left by the injured players. In the three games where Johnson, Dunlap and/or Watt were on the bench, Rivers threw for 1,226 yards (408 YPG) with 7 TDs, 2 interception and only 7 sacks. It’s certainly a testament to the team’s depth, but the fact remains they are losing football games.

Aside from being a big rivalry game, this week’s game is a must win for the Chargers. With the next five games against sub .500 teams, the Chargers have a chance to get back into the playoff hunt before they face a divisional showdown with the undefeated Denver Broncos.

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