The NFL and NFL Players Association Honor the Military During November

The NFL together with the NFL Players Association have come together to reaffirm their commitment to progress with their long history of veteran honoring. The two institutions reaffirmed their commitment at the annual “Salute to Service Campaign.”

As it is the case annually, every point gained at the NFL’s 32 chosen Salute to Service games. The NFL league will part with $100 to every partner who is in the military and non-profit sectors. Every point scored will garner $300.

In 2014, the NFL donated an amount close to $800,000 during the Salute to Service Campaign.

The Salute to Service Campaign

The campaign “Salute to Serve” begun in earnest during the San Diego Chargers game in Kansas City. The games are shown on the NFL Network, the campaign’s purpose is bringing together and elevating the work that the National Football League and affiliate clubs do to appreciate the military.

All through the month of November, every club in the NFL League designates one game played at home in honor of the military. When these games are underway, clubs display several Salute to Service-branded elements in their stadiums.

Bettors also take advantage of such matches to place free bets for or against the home team. Branded elements usually on display include; pylons covered with camouflage ribbon decals, wraps for goal post, wall banners. Every item has the words “Salute to serve” printed on them

What’s in The Kitty

All the home games dedicated to military appreciation will have unique apparel. The players will adorn helmet decals in honor of; The National Guard, The Air Force, The Coast Guard, The Army, The Marines and The Navy.

The teams will also use camouflage gloves, towels, captain’s patches, Nike KO Hoodies, New Era caps and camouflage knits. With a commitment running for more than 45 years, the NFL’s salute to service campaign will deliver the funds raised to the USO.

In turn, the USO uses the money to support injured troops, their families and the people who dedicate their time and services to care for the injured soldiers. The Salute to Service funding for this year will also be used for the development and the programming of the NFL Sports Lounge.

The new lounge will be built at the Maryland-based USO Warrior and Family Care Center.

A Good Cause

The National Football League will also give out its NFL Game Pass service for free. The pass will be offered at the USO Centers and is only accorded to military members that are serving overseas.

The USO facilities in every location allow servicemembers to catch any NFL game live, through an online platform. We figure that to feel like they are home, they also wager in free bet offers. The staff of the various US Embassies are also given the NFL Game Pass.

We here honor the “Salute to Service Campaign” and will be following and doing our part to contribute to the Campaign funding, will you join in this worthy cause?

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