Hardcore Fitness San Diego: The GYM of Champions

Hardcore Fitness (HCF) has become my favorite gym in San Diego. I was introduced to HCF in May of 2015 when I signed up for the HCF 60 day challenge.  I had no clue what I had gotten myself into. From doing fasted cardio after waking up, to going to class and then doing more cardio. Hardcore Fitness is a boot camp style gym. HCF currently has eight (4 females & 4 male) highly trained trainers on site. The trainers will have a well-developed class written out on a white board and will spend the first five minutes of class giving everyone the rundown on the days exercises. Classes range from anywhere between 10 to about 35-40 people depending on how busy the day is. Classes run all day at both San Diego Locations (Morena and El Cajon). The first class beings at 5:30 AM for all of those early birds and the last class starts at 7:00 PM. Classes run Monday – Sunday so you can get a work out in seven days a week if that is something that you want.


HCF offers a normal gym membership and a 60 day challenge. The 60 day challenge I am going to introduce now in more detail. The 60 day challenge is a total of two months aka 60 days of three a day workouts. The three workouts are broken down into two cardio workouts and one gym session. The cardio sessions will be tailored to you based upon which challenge you are signed up for. Those who need to lose weight go on the weight loss plan and those who need to gain weight go on the gainers plan. The cardio on the two plans are totally different.  You do your cardio in the AM & PM everyday for the entire 60 day challenge and fit in your gym session when ever you can during the day. For some people that means they are in the gym doing cardio at 4:00 am and then are heading over to HCF for class at 5:30 am. I was one of the people who decided to do my cardio from 10:00 to 11:00 am before by 12:00 PM class.  You then get meal planning from the trainers that help you lose weight. The hardest part of the meal plan is cutting out all dairy products and alcohol. It’s only 60 days….

The trainers at HCF are all experts on nutrition and have a special meal plan ready to go for those doing the challenge. Every challenger is placed on a team for support. This might be one of my favorite features of the challenge. Since I have played sports all of my life I am a competitive person and those drove me to lose more weight and lift more weight. Every challenge group has a mix of challenge veterans and new people. The veterans are very knowledgeable about the challenge and are there to help those who need it. These are the people who are going to help keep you accountable during your challenge. They will help you in the gym. They will meet up and help you do cardio on the days that you don’t want to do cardio. They will be there to push you when you want to quit. These are the type of people who you want to surround yourself with. My teammates have helped push me through two challenges and 75 LBS of weight loss. I feel amazing and owe it all to Hardcore Fitness and my teammates.

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For some this will be the hardest challenge you have ever attempted to complete and for others this will be an easy challenge. Regardless of your physical ability you will feel like you got hit by a train during your first week of workouts at HCF. That is how you know that your body is working. You will feel the body part that was worked in class burning for a few hours after the workout. You will then want to hit up another class. It’s that love and hate relationship that pain can give you. Your first five classes aka days of hardcore fitness are free… yes FREE. Make sure to go try HCF and maybe sign up for a 60 or 90 day challenge based on what is being offered. The 60 day challenge will run you around $400 to $500. Which is not bad at all for what is being offered. Work outs with elite trainers 7 days a week, a full cardio plan and full diet plan.  You have two gyms to choose from.

4901 Morena Blvd #1105,
San Diego,CA 92117,USA
Phone: (858) 270-1362

2315 Fletcher Parkway Suite A
El Cajon CA 92020
Phone: (619) 644-1002

Other Hardcore Fitness Locations

Santa Clarita California 
20715 Centre Pointe Parkway Suite B
Santa Clarita Ca 91350

Northridge California
8946 Corbin Ave.
Northridge CA 91324

Orlando, Florida 
6937 Stapoint Ct,
Winter Park, Florida 32792


Thank you for reading my article on Hardcore Fitness. Please make sure to share this article with those who are looking for a gym or those who want a challenge. Below I have shared my official challenge video with you. You can see why I decided to join Hardcore Fitness and what HCF means to me.

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Here is my challenge video that is a requirement for those who want to be entered into the drawing to win the grand prize.



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