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Mandatory Photo Credit: Albion SC Pros

It all started with a goal: the goal to expand the fanbase of soccer in San Diego. After cheering on the San Diego Sockers, The Deep End Supporters were referred to a new local soccer team, and the spirited fan group’s connection with Albion SC Pros was born. The group is closely linked to the American Outlaws San Diego group as well, and since their connection with Albion in 2016, the passion for soccer in San Diego has only continued to grow. “Our main goal is to build up the energy of the audience and the atmosphere,” David Chamberlain, the founding member of the Deep End Supporters and president of San Diego’s chapter of American Outlaws (the US Men’s National Team’s nationwide supporter group) says excitedly.

Mandatory Photo Credit: Albion SC Pros

Mandatory Photo Credit: Albion SC Pros

The Deep End Supporters and Albion Pros soon formed a strong and long lasting relationship that is founded on the core idea uniting a massive soccer community. Both groups want to help soccer grow in San Diego and to continue to develop a substantial fan base. As Daryl Biggs states, “We chose Albion because it’s a team that aligned with our values and is the best soccer team to grow with.” Referred to as the president of the group, Daryl shrugs off the title as he proudly says, “The Deep End is a family, and every member is important.”

The Deep End Supporters all have soccer in their background and a deep passion for the game, connecting them in a unique way. From the drummer, Alex Fall, to the Capo, Lucas Oliveira, each of the fifteen to twenty loyal members is an important part of the group and has the ability to control the energy of Albion’s games. “We are supportive and motivating with our chants. We don’t try to insult the other team, we just encourage the players to push harder,” says Lucas. This motivation is a big factor since almost all members have been to every single game, including both home and away. At the games, the group arrives dressed in their red and white Albion gear and Deep End Supporters shirts, as well as their scarves. In fact, some of them even wear up to three scarves at one time to proudly display their passion for San Diego and Albion SC Pros as a whole. They group all stands in unison, and they cheer on the team from start to finish, inviting others to join their section.

For home games, the Deep End Supporters meet up at the Taproom in Pacific Beach to grab a quick meal or drink before heading over to the Mission Bay Stadium. The friends all get along well, make jokes with each other, and display their passion for soccer in San Diego through their lively conversations. “We want to put our stamp and influence onto the games and crowds, and get more people to be interested in San Diego Soccer,” Biggs says. Waving flags, chanting, and stirring up energy in the stadium is just part of what the group does. In their minds, the Deep End Supporters have an image of the bigger picture for soccer in San Diego, and they hope to increase this image in terms of teams and passionate fans over the years.

You can catch The Deep End Supporters in action at Albion SC Pros’ next home game versus SoCal SC at Mission Bay High School, May 7th, at 5:00 pm.

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