Exclusive Interview with Albion SC Pros Luis Cardona

Mandatory Photo Credit: Albion SC Pros

Mandatory Photo Credit: Albion SC Pros


Albion SC Pros (4-0-1) are coming into the game against SoCal SC (1-2-1) on Saturday as the only undefeated team left in the National Premier Soccer League Southwest Conference. Albion SC Pros came away last weekend with a 3-1 road victory against FC Hasental. The victory over FC Hasental gave Albion SC Pros 3 more points for a total of 13 points to lead the NPSL Southwest Conference. Albion SC Pros now lead the conference by two games. Albion Pros will be coming into this weekends games as the best defensive team in the conference thanks to one of the league’s best goalkeepers. Albion Pros goalkeeper Jean Antoine (Nominated for Mitre National Premier Soccer League Player of the Week One) has played 450 minutes allowing only two goals. The goals against by Albion SC not only leads the conference it leads the league. Currently we have 20 of 65 NPSL teams playing across the nation. Your Albion SC Pros are returning home to Mission Bay High School on Saturday to play SoCal SC at 5:00PM. Please CLICK HERE if you are looking to purchase tickets to this weekend’s game. 

Our Albion SC Pros interview of the week for week 6 is Luis Cardona. Cardona rejoins the squad after serving a suspension for a red card in the fiery San Diego rivalry game. We had an amazing time interviewing Cardona and know that he has a great future ahead of him. He is one of a few home grown players playing for Albion SC. Please feel free to follow Cardona on Twitter @Cardona619. Please enjoy our interview with Luis Cardona.

Mandatory Photo Credit: Albion SC Pros

Mandatory Photo Credit: Albion SC Pros

David:  Where did you grow up?

Luis: My family is from Cali, Colombia. I was born and raised here in San Diego. My whole family brothers, sisters and parents were born in Cali, Colombia.

David:  Where did you get your start playing soccer?

Luis: I started playing soccer with the American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO) in North Park alongside my brothers and sisters.  

David:  What drew you to the sport of soccer?

Luis: Family. My dad was a big fan and my brother loved soccer. My brother is five years older than me and was a great player. I wanted to follow in his footsteps. I would play soccer with my brother and he would teach me skills.

David:  As a young player, who was your role model?

Luis: My role model was Carlos Valderrama of the Colombian National Team.

David:  As a child who was your favorite player & team?

Luis: My favorite team as a child was the Colombian National Team.

David:  Coming off your suspension and having sat out the last two games, how many goals are you hoping to score and/or set up this weekend?

Luis: For me it is huge to just be back on the pitch. I am not looking to score any goals against SoCal SC. I think the goal this game will be to create a ton of opportunities for the team. My job is to make sure we keep the ball and when we don’t have the ball is to get the ball back.

David:  What is your favorite musical act?

Luis: My favorite musical act growing up in Colombia was the salsa group Grupo Niche. They are very famous in Colombia. My favorite salsa singer is Guayacan Orquesta.

David:  If you could tell your 8-year old self one thing, what would it be?

Luis: Never give up and don’t stop believing. If there an obstacle in the way attack it head on.

David: What is your favorite pre game ritual.

Luis: Before every game I pray and thank God for another day on the pitch. I kiss my tattoo on my left arm that has my parents names.

David: What is your favorite movie.

Luis: My favorite movie was Bad Boys 2.

David: Which of your exhibition games was the most fun?

Luis: For sure the game against the LA Galaxy 2. I had a great game and had a great match up. Playing the Galaxy for me was very motivational. Everyone wants to play the Galaxy. No one thought that San Diego had a chance to go into LA and win.

David: What’s your biggest strength?  

Luis: Knowing how to read the game on and off the ball. Also going in hard on tackles.

David: What’s your biggest weakness?

Luis: Keeping my head level when things are not going the right way on the pitch.

David: Who will be the key from Albion SC Pros in beating the SoCal SC on Saturday?

Luis: To be honest I think it’s a total group effort. I don’t think that one person is going to help us win. We need to execute the game plan that has been installed this week. If we can execute the game plan we should be able to win by two or three goals.

David: Where do you see Albion SC Pros/NPSL going in 5 years?

Luis: In the next five years I do think that Albion SC Pros will be in the USL. Right now the team is focusing on winning a national championship in the NPSL. The first step is to win league, then win in the playoffs and then winning the championship.

David: Where do you see yourself in 3 years.

Luis: I have been playing abroad since the age of 16. I am just happy to be playing in San Diego. I was born here and my family is here. I am a homegrown player playing for Albion SC Pros. I would like to be playing here in San Diego in the next 5 years whether that’s in the USL or MLS. I feel very fortunate to be able to represent my city. Everyone has the dream of playing for big club teams or national teams but all I want to do is represent my city.

David: Do you have a message for the kids?

Luis: Come out to the game. Watch the players who play your position and talk to them. You can learn a lot by watching and talking. My biggest advice is to master your weakness and harness your strengths.

David: Do you have anything that you would like our audience know?

Luis: I am a player that everytime I step on the pitch I will give it my all and leave everything on the field. Please come out and watch Albion SC Pros play. You will not regret it and will have a fun time. Not only do we play to win but we play to entertain.


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