Recapping the first week of Chargers training camp.

San Diego Chargers training camp got under way this past weekend. Over 2,000 fans came out to watch the Chargers on Saturday including San Diego Sports Domination. Our very own John Kegley has been at every single day of training camp.

These are the things that you should know or pay attention to when you attend Chargers FanFest2016 this weekend.

  • Tyrell Williams (WR) looking good (Will get more playing time due to Stevie Johnson’s knee injury)
  • Keenan Allen (WR) looking very good.
  • Chris Swain (FB) looking really good. Swain looking good to make the Chargers Practice squad.
  • Derek Watt (FB) looking really good.
  • Offensive line looking better than last year but time will tell how good they will be when the season starts.
  • Antonio Gates (TE) doesn’t look like he as aged a bit. Ran some great routes and had some good catches.
  • Hunter Henry (TE) Ran some great routes and had some good catches. Also showed he is a killer run blocker.
  • Adrian Philips (S) was a ball hawk yesterday, all over the place making plays
  • Rookie Punter Drew Kaser is looking really good and has an amazing boot. He is not scifres but stilling good NFL punter.
  • Brandon Mebane (DE) has been really impressive during camp so far.
  • Matt Slauson (C) has had some low shotgun snaps. Still plenty of time to work on snapping.
  • Jason Verrett (CB) has looked really good.
  • Casey Hayward (CB) has also looked really good.
  • James Jones switched with Isaiah Burse in jersey numbers, Jones 89, Burse 9

During the season ticket holder practice we saw a few fights breakout:

  • James Jones and Travis Benjamin
  • Dexter McCoil (S) absolutely leveled Isaiah Burse (WR) as the ball arrived on an in route and Tyreek Burwell (T) came over to fight Mccoil.
  • Nick Dzubnar (LB) leveled Melvin Gordon (RB) on an out and in route.
  • Jahleel Addae got mad at someone and tried to fight them. We don’t know who the anger was at as our writer was unable to see.

*** The Chargers are not required to submit an injury report until the regular season. ***

Players not suited up:


  • Denzel Perryman (ILB)


  • Denzel Perryman (ILB)
  • Javontee Herndon (WR/KR)
  • Chris Watt (C/G)
  • Stevie Johnson (WR)


  • Antonio Gates (TE)
  • Javontee Herndon (WR/KR)
  • Denzel Perryman (ILB)
  • Brandon Flowers (CB)
  • Stevie Johnson (WR)


  • Denzel Perryman (ILB)
  • Stevie Johnson (WR)

Both John and I love to see that the players are fighting with each other. The guys have been playing with a passion I have not seen in sometime. The guys are hustling on every single play getting all men to the ball. If someone comes away with a big play they all run to that person and celebrate.

Our very own John was able to catch this very funny moment during the season ticket holder practice. Darrell Stuckey is funny as hell. Funniest moment of training camp by far right. After practice ended, Orlando Franklin snuck out some how and went to the lemonade tent. I’m standing there talking to Stuckey and one of the players noticed Franklin walking back from to the field with 2 lemonades. The players that saw him said, “that’s selfish right there.” Stuckey hears him looks over and goes “whoa what the heck man (looks at Mebane), hey man you take care of him in 1 on 1 drills tomorrow alright? Do it tomorrow, not in front of the fans man.” Orlando walks away and yells, “it was a long hot day.”

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